How To Spell Ged?

Correct spelling: Ged

What is the definition of Ged?

  1. ged, n. (prov.) the pike or luce. [Ice. gedda.]

What does the abbreviation Ged mean?

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What are the usage examples for Ged?

  1. I believe it would, by Ged – The White Gauntlet by Mayne Reid
  2. Aw should ha' brought 'em this mornin', but aw couldn't ged aat; an' mi mother wouldn't bring 'em for me, for hoo said aw mun bring 'em mysel. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  3. Ged they nearly court- martialled the ould man for it. – The Firm of Girdlestone by Arthur Conan Doyle
  4. Why don'd you ged egzited aboud id, Laadham? – The Diamond Master by Jacques Futrelle
  5. Ged he said, his voice faint, what's the matter with you? – The Risk Profession by Donald Edwin Westlake

What are the rhymes for Ged?

  1. tree, shred, ted, unsaid, de, bread, mpg, ravi, tea, sheree, flea, said, bourgeoisie, enrollee, mi, guarantee, vendee, dea, rb, potpourri, oad, shed, lessee, pled, mcghee, khe, kyi, quay, gee, cat-3, lea, kea, apc, marquee, whoopee, mit, med, ghee, b, gutsy, z, retread, detainee, flee, t, vee, goatee, markee, spie, pree, licensee, rosalee, degree, smee, nabil, she, crea, yi, head, cie, be, lavie, nominee, dee, marie, pea, appointee, te, cod, prix, g, trainee, guaranty, repartee, three, si, mee, li, thread, ib, ye, sie, kee, magee, cd, jie, c3, ze, jessee, bled, jed, hee, re, waikiki, je, fed, guarani, ip, cyb, xie, shi, ji, designee, xi, disagree, cc, nestle, p, wed, andree, nee, sci, oversea, sightsee, read, spread, undersea, ve, pawnee, me, yee, dred, swed, vi, ab, lee, leigh, curie, sped, resignee, wee, ed, free, bred, qi, brie, franchisee, pattee, ned, c, sled, bt, jaycee, stead, reade, jee, dundee, he, odp, louie, ee, lsd, deportee, m3, unread, foresee, plea, indri, inductee, fled, chee, key, mea, ofc, wedd, thee, sep, rupee, lead, tyree, lp, jubilee, henri, banshee, mme, yangtze, yippee, cxc, retiree, the, mcgee, ree, rosemarie, spree, bree, nic, cac, ki, bbc, sea, musee, enlistee, cree, loree, fee, rea, dead, v, widespread, emcee, trustee, chea, redd, pri, ski, ne, decree, marquis, bui, bee, zea, gyi, internee, thi, fop, referee, se, id, mc, capri, ddt, knee, bea, snee, tread, thierry, honoree, unwed, zed, tee, shri, tenn, dread, quai, zee, sze, sri, fred, draftee, bed, fsi, led, bibi, conferee, chablis, brea, tse, lxi, freda, nghi, fi, ti, dupree, escapee, esprit, see, we, klee, eap, mt, ot, qui, tennessee, glee, tv, red, valoree, nie, debris, ranee, syp, slee, devotee, dsv, atp, yie, njt, blea, d, parolee;
  2. ac, instead, ahead, misled, abee, behead, albee, adee, abed, achee, imbed, purebred, embed, agree, adread, alee;
  3. overfed, adoptee, abt, thoroughbred, addressee, biomed, adoree, interbred, infrared, amputee, overhead, amc, absentee;
  4. lapd, geac, knbc, hnat, irit, interviewee;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for Ged?

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Korean word for Ged

검정 고시.