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Spell Check of Genevieve

Correct spelling: Genevieve


Common misspellings for Genevieve:

geneveieve, geneveive, genieve, geneve, gevevieve.

Genevieve \ge-nevie-ve, gen(e)-vieve\

Genevieve as a girl's name is pronounced JEN-a-veev. It is of French origin. Possibly (Old German) "white wave" or (Celtic) "of the race of women". Saint Genevieve, the patroness of Paris, was a fifth-century virgin who defended Paris against the depredations of Attila the Hun, among others. Actress Genevieve Bujold.
Related names:
Jennavieve, Jenavieve.
Jenny, Gena, Geneve, Gennie, Gina, Jennie, Geneva, Genavieve, Geneveeve, Genevie, Genivee, Genivieve, Genny, Genovera, Genoveva, Janeva, Jenevieve.

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Examples of usage for Genevieve:

  1. Genevieve the other one called her. "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories" , Charles Weathers Bump.
  2. You know Genevieve isn't going to get left. "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories" , Charles Weathers Bump.
  3. This Sainte- Aurore convent, in the Rue Neuve Sainte- Genevieve, was a philanthropic refuge " for all young persons of honest parentage who are in circumstances where they run the risk of ruin." "Superwomen" , Albert Payson Terhune.

Quotes for Genevieve:

  1. A film like Genevieve to my contemporaries is not a film made years ago, but last week or last year. They see me as I was then, not as I am now. - Kenneth More
  2. So I regard my part in Genevieve as a real challenge. - Dinah Sheridan
  3. Until Genevieve I had tended towards the more dramatic type of role. - Dinah Sheridan
  4. While making Genevieve, I learned there could be a lot more to a film than just acting in it. - Dinah Sheridan
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