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Correct spelling: glides


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This graph shows how "glides" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for glides:

  1. Silently as a black shadow he glides away, if he has detected your approach from a distance. "Ways of Wood Folk" , William J. Long.
  2. Sometimes the nest is in the very heart of the woods, where the bird glides in and out, silent as a crow in nesting time. "Ways of Wood Folk" , William J. Long.
  3. The canoe glides by and makes no effort to find them. "Ways of Wood Folk" , William J. Long.

Quotes for glides:

  1. As to the effect of the wave on the air, we will suppose the water to be quite flat and the air motionless, a heavy undulation comes on the scene, it has to pass, so it pushes the air up with its face, letting it fall again as its back glides onwards. - Lawrence Hargrave
  2. While the river of life glides along smoothly, it remains the same river; only the landscape on either bank seems to change. - Max Muller
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