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Correct spelling: Hearne

Common misspellings for Hearne:

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Hearne \he(ar)-ne\

horse-lord; heron
Hearne as a boy's name is a variant of Ahearn (Celtic) and Herne (Old English), and the meaning of Hearne is "horse-lord; heron".
Hearn, Hern.

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Examples of usage for Hearne:

  1. Thomas Hearne the Oxford antiquary, was a typical case. – English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century by Leslie Stephen

Rhymes for Hearne:

  1. earn, cern, churn, stearn, dern, kearn, kern, vern, hearn, bern, turn, stearne, urn, spurn, yearn, byrne, hurn, durn, burne, fern, burn, berne, learn, herne, verne, stern, sterne, erne, hern;
  2. concern, return, discern, adjourn, ahearn, laverne, ahern, aherne, upturn, sauterne;
  3. unconcern;