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Spell Check of bandana

Correct spelling: bandana


Common misspellings for bandana:

bandan, bannana, bandanda, bannan, bendana.

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This graph shows how "bandana" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for bandana:

  1. Some steps brought them to the ground, and as Glenning cast his eyes about he saw a portly figure in blue calico and bandana swathed head disappearing up another short flight of steps at the other end of the house. "The Man from Jericho" , Edwin Carlile Litsey.
  2. During his sojourn on the ranch he had acquired a big bright- red bandana handkerchief which now was knotted loosely about his sun- reddened throat; the former crease in his big hat had given place to a tall peak: he wore a pair of leather wrist- cuffs which he had purchased from Barbee. "The Desert Valley" , Jackson Gregory.

Rhymes for bandana:

  1. adriana, andriana, ariana, arianna, christiana, christianna, georgiana, gloriana, ileana, indiana, juliana, liliana, lilliana, mariana, mexicana, nelliana, oriana, pollyanna, susquehanna, tatiana, texarkana, tramontana, tropicana, viviana.
  2. alana, aldana, amana, arcana, arlana, atlanta, avana, banana, briana, brianna, cabana, campana, deana, deanna, diana, dianna, duana, dulciana, dyana, edana, fontana, gitana, haldana, havana, joanna, johanna, jordana, lantana, levana, louanna, luana, luwana, montana, morgana, nolana, oksana, philana, piano, quintana, rexana, rohana, rosanna, roxana, roxanna, santana, savanna, savannah, solana, stevana, susanna, susannah, suzanna, sylvana, triana, urbana, viana, zorana.
  3. americana, dominicana, louisiana.
  4. ana, anna, branna, cana, chana, danna, flanna, ghana, grana, hana, hanna, hannah, jana, janna, kana, lana, lanna, manna, nana, nanna, rana, sanna, santa, shana, vana, vanna.
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