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Correct spelling: Broking


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Examples of usage for Broking:

  1. This does not mean that our rich people have not so much money as the Italians of the Renaissance, but that perhaps in their folie des grandeurs they are a different kind of madmen; it means also that land and labor are dearer positively and comparatively with us, and that our pork- packing or stock- broking princes prefer to spend on comfort rather than size in their houses, and do not like the cold feet which the merchant princes of Italy must have had from generation to generation. "Roman Holidays and Others" , W. D. Howells.

Rhymes for Broking:

  1. choking, cloaking, coking, croaking, joking, poking, smoking.
  2. evoking, invoking, nonsmoking, provoking, revoking.
  3. soaking, stoking, stroking.
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