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Spell Check of Dissembled

Correct spelling: Dissembled


Common misspellings for Dissembled:

dissamble, diassembled, disembled, dissaembled.

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This graph shows how "Dissembled" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Dissembled:

  1. She dissembled her disappointment as best she could, seeking excuses. "The Salamander" , Owen Johnson.
  2. Learning that Madame de Montalais would drive, Duchemin dissembled a sigh of relief and, standing beside the car, doffed his cap to say good- bye. "Alias The Lone Wolf" , Louis Joseph Vance.
  3. Thither Lanyard dutifully repaired; and wasted the rest of that evening, which he had thought would prove so amusing, watching Dupont and company watch de Lorgnes, to whom Dupont's barely dissembled interest plainly meant nothing at all, but whose mental anguish grew to be all but unbearable. "Alias The Lone Wolf" , Louis Joseph Vance.

Quotes for Dissembled:

  1. My children, as long as you live, the shadow of the Hiss Case will brush you. In every pair of eyes that rests on you, you will see pass, like a cloud passing behind a woods in winter, the memory of your father- dissembled in friendly eyes, lurking in unfriendly eyes. - Whittaker Chambers
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