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Correct spelling: If

Definition of If:

  1. Supposing that; in case that.

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What does the abbreviation If mean?

IF abbreviation definitions:
–  Intermediate Frequency
–  Input File

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Examples of usage for If:

  1. He should come if he could, but he can't. – Prisoners of Poverty Abroad by Helen Campbell
  2. If he knows, mynheer kapitein? – The Argus Pheasant by John Charles Beecham
  3. If I don't, what are you going to do to me? – Lord Stranleigh Abroad by Robert Barr

Rhymes for If:

  1. liff, whiff, cliffe, riff, giff, diff, tiff, jif, cliff, skiff, biff, stiff, ziff, clif, liffe, griff, shiff, sniff;