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Examples of usage for improvements:

  1. I should, as it were, have grown my improvements- one this year, one next. "Hodge and His Masters" , Richard Jefferies.
  2. A new tenant there pays the old tenant a considerable sum of money for the privilege of getting a good farm with various improvements, and the land- owner is practically prevented from turning out a good tenant at his mere will. "Political economy" , W. Stanley Jevons.
  3. When land is taken by a farmer under a lease for thirty years or more, it becomes almost like his own property, because, in the earlier part of his term, he can make great improvements with the aid of his capital, and yet be sure of getting the value back before the lease comes to an end. "Political economy" , W. Stanley Jevons.

Quotes for improvements:

  1. There are significant human rights abuses in China. In some areas, the situation is worse today than in the past. In other areas, there have been improvements. We will recognize the latter, and be critical of the former. - Max Baucus
  2. In should be the duty of every soldier to reflect on the experiences of the past, in the endeavor to discover improvements, in his particular sphere of action, which are practicable in the immediate future. - B. H. Liddell Hart
  3. If you look internationally over the last 50 years there have been improvements in the third world, but in the last 20 years the reverse has happened, with debt crises and increased poverty. - David Korten
  4. We pass bills authorizing improvements and grants. But when it comes time to pay for these programs, we'd rather put the country's money toward tax breaks for the wealthy than for police officers who are protecting our communities. - David E. Price
  5. In my district, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles handle approximately 44 percent of all of the goods delivered to American shores, yet they are in constant need of revenue for facilities, improvements and upgrades to roads and bridges and rails. - Dana Rohrabacher

Rhymes for improvements:

  1. movements.
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