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What are the usage examples for ITO?

  1. Donna moaned in her wretchedness; she placed her arm on the cash register and bowed her head on it, while the other little trembling hand stole across the counter, seeking for his and the comfort which the strong seem able to impart ito the weak by the mere sense of touch. – The Long Chance by Peter B. Kyne
  2. But the Japanese army poured into Chemulpo in such numbers and with a perfection of equipment suggesting a purpose not mentioned in the Li- Ito agreement! – A Short History of Russia by Mary Platt Parmele
  3. Four similar ships, headed by Vice Admiral Ito in the Matsushima, formed the chief units of the main squadron, followed by the older and slower ironclads, Fuso and Hiyei. – A History of Sea Power by William Oliver Stevens and Allan Westcott
  4. About 5. 30, when the Chinese were practically out of ammunition, Ito finally withdrew and recalled his van. – A History of Sea Power by William Oliver Stevens and Allan Westcott
  5. But everything which speeded Barbara's weeks of feverish waiting, hurrying her on nearer her heart's desire, brought Richard nearer ito the time of parting from the old seaport town and the best times he had ever known. – Georgina of the Rainbows by Annie Fellows Johnston
  6. The greatest of living Japanese statesmen, the Marquis Ito long ago perceived that the tendency of political life to agglomerations, to clan- groupings, presented the most serious obstacle to the successful working of constitutional government. – Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation by Lafcadio Hearn
  7. Students should use the terminations on and ito but no others until they become familiar with them with reading, as they cannot be used indiscriminately with all nouns. – Pitman's Commercial Spanish Grammar (2nd ed.) by C. A. Toledano
  8. In the latter part of 1901, Marquis Ito Hirobumi visited the United States and crossed over to England, where he proposed an offensive- defensive alliance. – The Story of Russia by R. Van Bergen
  9. British statesmen hesitated, when Ito told them in plain terms that if no such treaty was concluded, he was authorized to go on to Russia, and make the best terms he could for his country. – The Story of Russia by R. Van Bergen

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Ing, Iki.

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