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How To Spell kings?

Correct spelling: kings

List of misspellings for kings:

  • kinag,
  • vikings',
  • gingiva,
  • kingdo,
  • knnes,
  • kerns,
  • rykins,
  • shings,
  • kineys,
  • bakings,
  • niggs,
  • wakings,
  • kong's,
  • bing's,
  • jinns,
  • kinown,
  • fings,
  • kinves,
  • kilings,
  • ceings,
  • kiminos,
  • kern's,
  • agaings,
  • ceiings,
  • kindes,
  • kinfes,
  • kunais,
  • ginas,
  • kowns,
  • kinfs,
  • kansa,
  • kinsg,
  • klings,
  • kigs,
  • vikeings,
  • kingom,
  • kindz,
  • mings,
  • kinglsey,
  • rakings,
  • ginus,
  • kindds,
  • kinfe,
  • kingsly,
  • jints,
  • knighs,
  • kingson,
  • kingsely,
  • kigns,
  • kidnys,
  • cking,
  • kanasa,
  • thjings,
  • kinos,
  • king,
  • kingway,
  • kinife,
  • kinives,
  • yhings,
  • wigns,
  • kanas,
  • konws,
  • kimo's,
  • qinghai,
  • kiang,
  • bings,
  • hings,
  • koing,
  • kinna,
  • knies,
  • keyrings,
  • ginuse,
  • gingam,
  • kiing,
  • kawinis,
  • ktynows,
  • klines,
  • gings,
  • kines,
  • tjings,
  • kingd,
  • koinia,
  • hikings,
  • kinng,
  • kins,
  • kidnes,
  • kiess,
  • kinutes,
  • kineds,
  • kidns,
  • lings,
  • wikings,
  • kdneys,
  • kongs,
  • kanes,
  • tghings,
  • kinest,
  • kknows,
  • ings,
  • kanss.

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Independent school in Rochester, England

The King's School, Rochester is an English independent school in Rochester, Kent. It is a cathedral school and, being part of the foundation of Rochester Cathedral, the Dean of Rochester serves as chair of the school's governing body.

Kings High School


School in Kings Mills, Ohio

Kings High School is a public high school in the unincorporated village of Kings Mills, Ohio in Deerfield Township, Warren County. It is the only high school in the Kings Local School District. Kings has been rated excellent for 10 consecutive years under Ohio academic standards. Kings High School underwent a major construction and renovation project in 2009. A wing was added with new lockers, classrooms, and a high-tech upgrade.

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The King's School, Grantham


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The King's School is a British grammar school with academy status for boys, in the market town of Grantham, in Lincolnshire, England.

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Rhymes for kings:

  1. sings, swings, stings, springs, brings, slings, strings, wrings, dings, rings, clings, flings, wings, things;

Translations for kings:

Arabic word for Kings


Bengali word for Kings


Dutch words for Kings

reis, koningen.

Hindi word for Kings


Japanese word for Kings


Korean word for Kings


Marathi word for Kings


Polish word for Kings


Portuguese word for Kings


Russian word for Kings


Spanish words for Kings

raja, Reyes.

Tamil word for Kings


Vietnamese word for Kings