How To Spell luff?

Correct spelling: luff

What is the definition of luff?

  1. sail close to the wind

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What are the usage examples for luff?

  1. I'm just going to send them aboard to the first luff he's rather poorly. – Middy and Ensign by G. Manville Fenn
  2. The men sprang about the decks like wild- cats, and, in their elation and excitement, did the work of at least three men each; the yards were braced up almost as soon as the ship could luff to the wind; the tacks were seized and boarded with irresistible strength and energy, the sheets flattened in; and in considerably less than five minutes the Aurora was rushing along on a bowline with her lee covering- board nearly awash, and a clear, glassy surge spouting up on each side of her cutwater, and foaming away from her sharp bows with a hissing roar which was sweetest music just then to the ears of her delighted crew. – The Voyage of the Aurora by Harry Collingwood
  3. After that was no sound but the wash of the waves, and the hum of the sail, and the creak of the great steering oar as Asbiorn met the luff of the ship across the long, smooth sweep of the waves. – A Sea Queen's Sailing by Charles Whistler
  4. The action of the rudder is such that every time the boat leans over to luff up into the wind, the weight of the rudder causes it to swing out, and thus prevents her from losing her course. – Boys' Book of Model Boats by Raymond Francis Yates
  5. I only just want to tell you before I forget it- you know what a wretched memory I have- what happened- Luff – Hildegarde's Neighbors by Laura E. Richards
  6. I'll let fly at them cried Meliboeus, in an intense whisper, luff up! – The Bushman Life in a New Country by Edward Wilson Landor
  7. Tom in reply, Why you no luff up? – The Confessions of a Beachcomber by E J Banfield
  8. Now and again you will find the luff of the sail bowlined out with another stick. – West African studies by Mary Henrietta Kingsley
  9. While attending to shortening sail, the eyes of the officers were withdrawn from the chase; for some of the ropes getting foul during the operation, we were obliged to luff up to clear them, thereby allowing her to get still farther ahead. – Twice Lost by W.H.G. Kingston
  10. Luff a bit yet, sir. – Turned Adrift by Harry Collingwood

What are the rhymes for luff?

  1. buff, puff, muff, fluff, bluff, guff, gruff, scuff, ruff, cuff, hough, slough, ruf, pluff, duff, huff, snuff, rough, tuff, tough, stuff;
  2. enough, rebuff;

What are the translations for luff?

Afrikaans word for Luff


Chinese word for Luff


French word for Luff


German word for Luff


Hindi word for Luff


Korean word for Luff


Russian word for Luff


Spanish words for Luff

orza, orzar.

Tamil word for Luff

வலித்து இழு.

Turkish word for Luff

orsa etmek.

Ukrainian word for Luff


Vietnamese word for Luff

cạnh phía trước của lá buồm.