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Correct spelling: Marianna


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Marianna \m(a)-rianna, mari(an)-na\

star of the sea
Marianna as a girl's name is a variant of Marianne (French) and Mary (Latin), and the meaning of Marianna is "star of the sea".
Mariana, Marinna, Maryanna, Mariann.

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Examples of usage for Marianna:

  1. Look at this beautiful marianna." "On the Banks of the Amazon" , W.H.G. Kingston.
  2. It was worst in the hot weather when other people could move out of town, and it hurt me to see Marianna looking white and tired. "Blake's Burden" , Harold Bindloss.
  3. Your friends are charming ladies of a stamp Marianna and I so far haven't had much chance to meet. "Blake's Burden" , Harold Bindloss.

Rhymes for Marianna:

  1. alanna, briana, louanna.
  2. ana, donna, dwana.
  3. botswana, gonna, guiana, guyana, iguana, ivana, ivanna, juana, liana, lianna, madonna, mahayana, mana, marijuana, nirvana, nona, parana, ronna, sana, sebastiana, silvana, stephana, susana, svetlana, tatyana, tawana, tijuana, wanna, zuzana.
  4. dominicana.
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