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How To Spell millions?

Correct spelling: millions

List of misspellings for millions:

  • milllionth,
  • villions,
  • millinium,
  • millionary,
  • milionare,
  • milliin,
  • millonth,
  • millon,
  • millioner,
  • 30million,
  • millionin,
  • millin,
  • millinia,
  • billioners,
  • misalanious,
  • illuions,
  • iillinois,
  • millburn''s,
  • illinis,
  • millien,
  • 7million,
  • millian,
  • maddallions,
  • mellions,
  • millenias,
  • millenials,
  • miillions,
  • malishious,
  • 400million,
  • milions,
  • millioins,
  • militians,
  • millies,
  • milesones,
  • millionar,
  • millenia's,
  • milllions,
  • 2million,
  • miilion,
  • milionth,
  • euromillions,
  • milleniom,
  • millinial,
  • milliont,
  • 500million,
  • misolanious,
  • millones,
  • millinum,
  • malisious,
  • millionairs,
  • 3million,
  • millionares,
  • illionis,
  • millionair,
  • illions,
  • miljons,
  • milloner,
  • milion,
  • millioons,
  • 20million,
  • mellons,
  • mailins,
  • millionare,
  • miselanious,
  • mllion,
  • bllions,
  • 6million,
  • misilanious,
  • 3milion,
  • milillons,
  • billians,
  • millinos,
  • milliant,
  • 1millon,
  • illoinois,
  • millons,
  • mobilephones,
  • illinos,
  • millionm,
  • milliions,
  • miillion,
  • 50million,
  • billons,
  • milliles,
  • milluion,
  • illionios,
  • millienium,
  • billlions,
  • 300million,
  • milisious,
  • milllion,
  • moillions,
  • millienia,
  • illinious,
  • 8million,
  • milloin,
  • millienuim,
  • millioniars,
  • millios,
  • milliion.

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Millions of Us



Millions of Us LLC is an American specialty marketing agency, focused on virtual worlds and large online communities. Founded in 2006 and based in San Francisco, the agency's clients include 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Toyota, Microsoft, and Intel.

Millions on the Island


1955 film

Millions on the Island is a Croatian film directed by Branko Bauer. It was released in 1955.

Sunshine Millions Sprint


The Sunshine Millions Sprint is a race for thoroughbred horses held in January at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California or at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

The Doll with Millions


1928 film

The Doll with Millions is a 1928 Soviet silent comedy film starring Igor Ilyinsky.

Trusted by Millions


Album by 54-40

Trusted by Millions is a 1996 album by Canadian alternative rock band 54-40.

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This graph shows how "millions" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for millions:

  1. We've set aside tens of millions of acres of those northwestern forests for perpetuity. The unemployment rate has gone not up, but down. The economy has gone up.
  2. Imagine my surprise when, after a lifetime of teaching me to keep personal things to myself, Mom insisted my drawings were the start of a comic strip for millions of people to enjoy.
  3. The way we're really going to grow the economy is to invest in people, to invest in innovation, to have the federal government put money in the kind of research that will create the new high -technology, biotechnology industries that will create the millions of new jobs.
  4. I do not mind having written the song at all. I just wish that I had written it in a different key, as the high d is hard to play. I am glad that I wrote something that brought joy to millions of people.
  5. The right man, in the right place, at the right time, can steal millions.

Rhymes for millions:

  1. trillions, billions, zillions, jillions;
  2. pavilions, brazilians, civilians;

Translations for millions:

Afrikaans word for Millions


Arabic word for Millions


Bengali word for Millions

লক্ষ লক্ষ.

French word for Millions

des millions.

German word for Millions


Greek word for Millions


Hindi word for Millions


Italian word for Millions


Javanese word for Millions


Korean word for Millions


Malay word for Millions


Marathi word for Millions


Norwegian word for Millions


Polish word for Millions


Portuguese word for Millions


Romanian word for Millions


Russian word for Millions


Spanish word for Millions


Swedish word for Millions


Tamil word for Millions

மில்லியன் கணக்கான.

Turkish word for Millions


Ukrainian word for Millions