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Correct spelling for CHARCHTER

We think the word charchter is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for charchter

  • Arched
  • She had beautiful light brown hair, dark blue eyes, and exquisitely arched eyelids.

  • Cachet
  • The ragged black moustache had been shaved away; the frayed but spotless suit of white drill fitted the heavy-shouldered, thin-flanked, muscular figure perfectly; the faded blue flannel shirt, with the white double collar and narrow black tie; the shabby black kamarband about his waist, the black-ribboned panama, maintaining respectability in extremest old age, as that expensive but lasting headgear is wont to do, possessed, as worn by the dop doctor, a certain cachet of style.

  • Chanter
  • We cheered ourselves with bagpipes, and the captain had a case of the very best brandy, the first i think i ever tasted; and he could play some tunes on the practise chanter.

  • Chantey
  • Folk songs, chantey songs and singing games, farnsworth and sharp.

  • Chapter
  • In the chapter past you do vnderstande what care these chinos haue in the time of peace as well as in warre for to defend their citties, and what preparations they haue generrally throughout al the countrie.

    You don't believe it? It don't matter Please let it breathe, so asthmatic. You have born witness to a whole chapter Don't get it now, you will understand after.

    – Fin by blue scholars
  • Charade
  • While the author and the victims alike treated the whole matter as a silly public charade, this one man, by taking it seriously, sprang suddenly into a throne of artistic omnipotence.

    Backing the wrong horse one decade On floating ice so endlessly A tug-of-war in this grand charade

    – On Top Of The World by edenbridge
  • Charged
  • Cromwell's "ironsides" sang this psalm at the decisive battle at dunbar, when, the mists arising from the valley, they charged and broke the enemy's ranks.

  • Chariot
  • Sisera crossed the brook and came upon the israelites in the valley of megiddo; he was defeated, leapt from his chariot, and fled on foot and came unto the tent of heber the kenite.

  • Charioteer
  • Pelops won his bride hippodameia by bribing myrtilus, his charioteer; whom, in order to conceal his fault, he flung into the sea.

  • Charity
  • Shadrach kissed the hand of whose secret charity he knew so much.

  • Charlotte
  • I lay making plans for the circumvention of charlotte, and rejecting them one after the other as too uncousinly; and when i had made my head ache with the difficulty of uniting a becoming cousinliness with the cold-bloodedness necessary for shaking her off, i spent my time feebly deprecating the superabundance of cousins in the world.

  • Charmed
  • Slosson was much charmed with their handsome bearing, chivalric ways, and honorable aspirations, and his pity was evoked by their poverty and their frequent sufferings for the very requirements of life.

  • Charred
  • That dream had flashed like a brilliant light which blazes for a moment and dies as suddenly away, leaving black, charred ashes to mark its place.

  • Chart
  • The chart shows a decrease from 95 out of every 1,000 in 1891-92 to 48 out of every 1,000 in 1909. this is due very largely to the careful methods of prevention enforced by the board of health, especially the inspection of milk.

  • Charter
  • I am not sure that the original proprietor had not a crown charter which gave him a right to the whole fishings, including oyster fishings and others; and i think we have the whole of these rights.

  • Chaste
  • The virginal revealment, your bosom's wavering slope, concealment, 'neath fainting heliotrope, of whitest white's revealment, is like a bed of lilies, a jealous-guarded row, whose will is simply chaste dreams:-but oh, the alluring scent of lilies!

  • Chatter
  • "much, but not too much," said wimble thoughtfully; and then, with the customary chatter of his profession, he started a topic.

  • Cheater
  • He was at that time five and thirty years old or thereabouts, fine to gild like a leaden dagger-for he was a notable cheater and coney-catcher-he was a very gallant and proper man of his person, only that he was a little lecherous, and naturally subject to a kind of disease which at that time they called lack of money-it is an incomparable grief, yet, notwithstanding, he had three score and three tricks to come by it at his need, of which the most honourable and most ordinary was in manner of thieving, secret purloining and filching, for he was a wicked lewd rogue, a cozener, drinker, roister, rover, and a very dissolute and debauched fellow, if there were any in paris; otherwise, and in all matters else, the best and most virtuous man in the world; and he was still contriving some plot, and devising mischief against the sergeants and the watch.

  • Chester
  • With shameless audacity this society helped mr. peary carry along his press campaign by disseminating the cowardly slurs of grosvenor, chester, and others.

  • Chitchat
  • And now, my dear fellow, i shall see you, perhaps, before you read my letter; but i have kept my promise to tell you what we saw and did. of course many things will occur to our memories when we get home, and will furnish matter for chitchat which i hope soon to have with you, as in days of old. well, you are now at the business of life, and i am yet a little longer to spend my time in preparation for it. i wonder how we shall come out, charley?

  • Church
  • Churchgoer
  • Churchyard
  • Hatched
  • Hatchet
  • Parched
  • Shatter
  • Charted
  • The bacteriological observations are charted on charts similar to temperature charts.

  • Chatted
  • There was no question of home-sickness; instead, i could see the love of england in her eyes as we rode between the hertfordshire hedgerows or chatted with our friends at tea time in the garden.

  • Coached
  • Marched
  • Recharter
  • Chechen
  • Bicameral national assembly or majlis al-'umma consists of the senate, also called the house of notables or majlis al-ayan (60 seats; members appointed by the monarch to serve four-year terms) and the chamber of deputies, also called the house of representatives or majlis al-nuwaab (120 seats; members elected using a single, non-transferable vote system in multi-member districts to serve four-year terms); note - the new electoral law enacted in may 2010 allocated an additional 10 seats (6 seats added to the number reserved for women, bringing the total to 12; 2 additional seats for amman; and 1 seat each for the cities of zarqa and irbid; unchanged are 9 seats reserved for christian candidates, 9 for bedouin candidates, and 3 for jordanians of chechen or circassian descent

  • Churches
  • Cached
  • It's to be landed and cached on the shores of chesterfield inlet.

  • Richter
  • Chaster
  • Whether the intimacy created there between madame hanska and himself was that of two lovers in the chaster sense, or, as monsieur gabriel ferry assets, in his balzac et ses amies, that of a closer union, it had haunted him during his subsequent twelvemonth's loneliness.

  • Shorter
  • Chunter
  • Dis Compose
  • Importations