Correct spelling for CORROPT

We think the word corropt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for corropt

  • Corrupt(Definition of corrupt)
  • King james i in his famous "counter-blaste to tobacco," hinted that the husband, by his indulgence in the habit, might "reduce thereby his delicate, wholesome, and cleane complexioned wife to that extremitie, that either shee must also corrupt her sweete breath therewith, or else resolve to live in a perpetuall stinking torment."

  • Carroty(Definition of carroty)
  • He had rufous side-whiskers, clipped moderately close, and carroty hair mixed with gray.

  • Corrupter(Definition of Corrupter)
  • Almost every other vice that disgraces human nature, may be kept in countenance by applause and association: the corrupter of virgin innocence sees himself envied by the men, and at least not detested by the women; the drunkard may easily unite with beings, devoted like himself to noisy merriments or silent insensibility, who will celebrate his victories over the novices of intemperance, boast themselves the companions of his prowess, and tell with rapture of the multitudes whom unsuccessful emulation has hurried to the grave; even the robber and the cut-throat have their followers, who admire their address and intrepidity, their stratagems of rapine, and their fidelity to the gang.

  • Corot(Definition of corot)
  • Rousseau, the landscapist, made notes, and corot is often quoted.

  • Corruptly(Definition of corruptly)
  • I do solemnly swear that the copy of contract hereunto annexed is an exact copy of contract made by me personally with theodore louis stouffer and frederick emerson white; that i made the same fairly, without any benefit or advantage to myself, or allowing any such benefit or advantage corruptly to the said theodore louis stouffer and frederick emerson white, or to any other person or persons; and that the papers accompanying include all those relating to the said contract, as required by the statute, in such case made and provided.

  • Corrode(Definition of corrode)
  • "am i then infamous?" said he at last, "that these men will not travel in my company? is it to this the mere accusation of crime has brought me!" and, slight as the incident was, it told upon him as some acrid substance would irritate and corrode an open wound,-festering the tender surface.

  • Crops
  • General health, bounteous crops, and great activity in every branch of industry had prevailed.

  • Carrot(Definition of carrot)
  • And when she comed out there was just a little bit of carrot sticking to her nose, and her tail was all over cabbage leaf.

  • Crept(Definition of Crept)
  • It was midwinter, and the cold crept into his very bones.

  • Croat(Definition of croat)
  • "thou lewd fellow!" says he to me, "must i find thee thus shaming of mine house? should i do thee wrong if i break the neck of thee and of this baggage that hath been thine whore? ah, thou beast, how can i refrain myself that i tear not thy heart from thy body and hew it in pieces and cast it for the dogs to eat?" and with that he gnashed with his teeth and rolled his eyes like a wild beast, i knowing not what to say and my bedfellow able to do naught but weep: yet at last i came to myself somewhat, and would have pleaded our innocence; but he bid me hold my peace, and now began upon fresh matter, to wit, how he had trusted me as a very different man and how i had repaid his trust with the worst treachery in the world: and thereafter came in his lady wife and began another brand-new sermon, till i would sooner have lain in a hedge of thorns: nay, i believe she had not stayed her speech for two hours or more had not the croat returned with the parson.

  • Corrupted(Definition of corrupted)
  • They would not set men upon calling from the quiet sleep of death any samuel, to ask him by what act of arbitrary monarchs, by what inquisitions of corrupted tribunals and tortured jurors, by what fictitious tenures invented to dispossess whole unoffending tribes and their chieftains.

  • Crypt(Definition of crypt)
  • It was evident that he had, while groping his way out of the crypt, slung the cross around his neck, in order to free his hands.

  • Croft(Definition of croft)
  • I think the advantage he has by his croft will compensate for any disadvantage to which he is exposed by the occurrence of periods of bad weather; and therefore i consider that his position is infinitely superior to that of an operative in a time of strike or it time of bad trade, when manufacturers are obliged to cast off their hands from want of sufficient work to keep their mills or their manufactories going.

  • Coronet(Definition of coronet)
  • At his side reclined cleopatra, robed in light-blue garments adorned with lotus-flowers which, like the little coronet on her head, glittered with sapphires and pearls.

  • Crop(Definition of crop)
  • He had saved two or three of his best models from the fall crop, and they served him for several months.

  • Corrupts
  • Spiritual pride, too, corrupts our very graces, piety itself furnishing an occasion of evil, so that when we have conquered some temptation or performed some duty, our victory is often tarnished, our holy things corrupted, by our falling into the snare of self-complacency.

  • Correct(Definition of correct)
  • Or, as the correct votes were at first 52 per cent.