Correct spelling for HELOFUL

We think the word heloful is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for heloful

  • Hateful
  • All of a sudden he heard again kanker's hateful spluttering laugh.

  • Helve
  • After this specimen of norman's quality, no one will be surprised to learn that in figure he was one of those solidly built men of medium height who look as if they were made to sustain and to deliver shocks, to bear up easily under heavy burdens; or that his head thickly covered with fairish hair, was hatchet-shaped with the helve or face suggesting that while it could and would cleave any obstacle, it would wear a merry if somewhat sardonic smile the while.

  • Halal
  • 3. muhammadan rite of zibah or halal.

  • Helical
  • The wheels were driven, by means of intermediate gearing, by two steam-engines, which, with their attachments, were suspended on helical springs, to prevent injury by jars and shocks.

  • Helpful
  • The girl turned and bent a look-strong, helpful, and kindly-upon this fine ruin of womanhood.

  • Helluva
  • Cowboys rode in from the far ranges for one helluva time.

  • Healthful
  • Art was consulted in the gymnasium in which miss johns had studied; the theory was that only that which is beautiful is healthful.

  • Baleful
  • But it is sufficient to observe, that the passion whence originated all my misfortunes, was discovered by me long before i experienced its most baleful effects.

  • Lawful
  • Is it lawful to resist the supreme magistrate if the commonwealth cannot otherwise be preserved?

  • Half
  • 967. have you sold fish half-cured?

  • Gleeful
  • The fine, cold rain fell gently about him; moist tendrils and leaves caressed his face; owls hooted with ghastly vehemence, as if determined to awaken all the sleepers for miles around; and frogs chattered loudly in gleeful anticipation of the frenzied dash he would have to make through the black maze.

  • Colorful
  • At first glance, there appeared to be only a pair of odd-shaped file-fish nibbling at the formation, but as their vision adjusted they made out literally dozens of tiny, colorful fish in clefts, under overhangs, or waiting motionless against a patch of color on the rocks.

  • Harmful
  • It cannot be harmful for us to acknowledge at times that action begins with reality only, though our thoughts be never so large and disinterested and admirable in themselves.

  • Bellyful
  • "i've took a lot off'n you, jeff creede," he shouted, swinging his arms wildly, "but i've got a bellyful of this night work! and i come down to tell you that next time you shoot up one of my camps there'll be trouble!"

  • Wilful
  • "then i am going into the garden," she said, with a sharp sigh and a wilful toss of the head.

  • Doleful
  • Five other topics of the town, each of a doleful nature and each indicating an evident depravity in a citizen of plainton, were related by miss shott, and then she arose to go.

  • Hurtful
  • No one can well be more fond of sewing than i am, and few, except professional seamstresses, have done more of it, and my testimony is that it is a most hurtful occupation, except where great moderation is observed.

  • Heedful
  • Sly reynard, heedful of the coming doom, thought, self-deceived, he should not be perceived, hiding his brush within a neighboring broom!

  • Hopeful
  • I am naturally cheerful and hopeful.

  • Helpfully
  • His townsmen and fellow-citizens of new hampshire know him as a genial, unassuming man, whose good fellowship never tires, whose generosity is inexhaustible, and as one who is never too busy with his own affairs to lend a helping hand to any cause or person that deserves it; as a citizen and friend and neighbor who has shown them how to get money rapidly, and how to spend it freely, intelligently, and helpfully.

  • Willful
  • She stamped a little willful foot.