Correct spelling for I80

We think the word i80 is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for i80

  • Ir(Definition of ir)
  • Ex traor'di na ry in ter'po la tor in com'pa ra ble con sol'a to ry ir ref'ra ga ble de lib'er a tive ir rep'a ra ble' pro thon'o ta ry ir rev'o ca ble dis crim'i na tive in dis'so lu ble com mem'o ra tive in dis'pu ta ble ac cel'er a tive in ex'o ra ble sa lu'ta to ry ab sol'u to ry pa ri'e ta ry de mon'stra tive ly nun cu'pa to ry oc tog'e na ry in ex'pli ca ble

  • Ci
  • Ci-devant genius of the age.

  • Ti(Definition of ti)
  • Tettawonga told of a bunyip that dwelt where the trickling water had made a pool, deep and beautiful, and delicate ferns had crept tenderly to fringe its edge, and blackwood, and ti-trees grown up thick and strong for a girdle.

  • Ix(Definition of ix)
  • See 1 corinthians ix.

  • Ia
  • F. murphy, 97 n. y. g. h. morisey, 12 ia.

  • Ri
  • The baggageman came through the car; calling as he went, "anybaggageyouwantdeliveredinthe-city, car-ri-age or omnibus."

  • Mi(Definition of mi)
  • So aw weshed mysel, and donned mi sunday best, and went up.

  • Bi(Definition of bi)
  • That's our bi-troop sign.

  • Ie
  • Opera software complained that the ballot screen could not be reached in some cases because of the start configuration screens of ie.

  • Li(Definition of li)
  • With viscount li was his relative li ken-tai.

  • In(Definition of in)
  • Is mr alleyne in?

  • Gi
  • 1. it has grown out of the fuller forms ge-: anglo-saxon, ge-: old saxon, gi-: moeso-gothic, ga-: old high german, ka-, cha-, ga-, ki-, gi-.

  • Io(Definition of io)
  • Io. what boots my life, then?

  • Pi(Definition of pi)
  • 18 and 74." page 142-45 amended to 46-"with regard to so pi-lo and lo-dsi-tschun, see no. 46." page 251-64 amended to 65-"...

  • Iv
  • 265, 266. nollekens, joseph, iv.

  • Old-Fashioned(Definition of old-fashioned)
  • She was a tall and angular englishwoman, clad always in voluminous black, a wide-brimmed, old-fashioned hat resting uneasily atop her mountain of snowy hair.

  • It(Definition of It)
  • You think i don't know it?

  • Ni
  • Observe that ni, like many of the spanish negative pronouns and adverbs, sometimes loses its negative value.

  • Si(Definition of si)
  • Good land, si ann!

  • Il(Definition of il)
  • And the year that an orchestra conductor from albany had to spend the winter in the mountains for his lungs, they presented il trovatore.

  • Wi
  • But the king's eldest daughter she loved him well, but known her love it might not be; and she has stolen the prison keys, and gane in and discoursed wi' james hatelie.

  • Id
  • He soon vants butter on id.

  • I'm(Definition of I'm)
  • "i'm so glad you've come.

  • Ii
  • 54-55, 451, 456, 462; ii.

  • U(Definition of U)
  • O'neal, colonel, c.s.a. ord, general, u.s.a..

  • I'd(Definition of i'd)
  • I'd like you to know that, at least.

  • Hi(Definition of hi)
  • Robert had told us a good deal about this man, mr. hi-wal-hum; about his wealth and high official standing, and josiah had been talkin' more or less about him all day; he looked forrered to it.

    Whenever I walk by I try to say hi

    – Girls Do, Boys Don't by bardot
  • Vi
  • 2; nay, better never have been born at all, vi.

  • If(Definition of If)
  • It does not look as if it would.

  • Oi
  • Moreover, the apartment, in which they lived, was a hovel of smoke, black as coal inside and out, without a chimney, but with merely a small opening in the roof for the exit oi the smoke,-an opening which was carefully closed as soon as the fire was allowed to go out, so that the heat might not escape.

  • Ai(Definition of ai)
  • Ay, an improper diphthong, like ai, has usually the sound of open or long a; as in day, pay, delay: in sayst and says, it has the sound of close or short e.