Correct spelling for I970

We think the word i970 is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for i970

  • Ir(Definition of ir)
  • Also all verbes endyng in ir, as uenir, and such as come of him must al change ir in u for the preterit masculyn, and addyng an e to the sayd u for the feminin.

  • Ci
  • Nor could we hope that judges so constituted would deal out impartial justice between the ci-devant privileged tribes, whom they would naturally consider as the victims of revolutionary principles, and the children of the revolution, who, according to the same mode of reasoning, they could not fail to consider as the oppressors and robbers of the privileged tribes.

  • Ti(Definition of ti)
  • Now give in honor of the spoon three cheers, long, loud, and hearty, and three for every honored june in coch-le-au-re-a-ti.

  • Ix(Definition of ix)
  • Its one contribution to the establishment of the text is at ix 103, where it reads quamquam ...

  • Ia
  • J. d. cook, 6 ia.

  • Ri
  • He 's a great scholar, too, silas; takes all the pe-ri-odicals and the police gazette regular.

  • Mi(Definition of mi)
  • W ludlow, 4; 4 mi.

  • Bi(Definition of bi)
  • Looking up, roy saw a big bi-plane soaring high overhead.

  • Ie
  • Beginning to study at another time would be considered adequately adjusting to this scenario, but does not consider the other ways it may impact their life (ie: inhibiting social interactions with peers.

  • Li(Definition of li)
  • Hop li-who makee washee."

  • In(Definition of in)
  • 136. sophocles in trachin.

  • Gi
  • Executive branch: chief of state: kim jong il (since july 1994); note - on 3 september 2003, rubberstamp supreme people's assembly (spa) reelected kim jong il chairman of the national defense commission, a position accorded nation's "highest administrative authority"; spa reelected kim yong nam president of its presidium also with responsibility of representing state and receiving diplomatic credentials; spa appointed pak pong ju premier head of government: premier pak pong ju (since 3 september 2003); vice premiers kwak pom gi (since 5 september 1998), jon sung hun (since 3 september 2003), ro tu chol (since 3 september 2003) cabinet: cabinet (naegak), members, except for the minister of people's armed forces, are appointed by the spa elections: election last held in september 2003 (next to be held in september 2008) election results: kim jong il and kim yong nam were only nominees for positions and ran unopposed

  • Io(Definition of io)
  • Io. i am not tierd, but so wearie i cannot goe with following a maister that followes his mistresse, that followes her shadow, that followes the sunne, that followes his course.

  • Pi(Definition of pi)
  • At the sound of dot and the kangaroo's approach "chip-pi-ti-chip" hid herself in a tree, and willy wagtail, not knowing who was disturbing them, scolded angrily; but when he saw the kangaroo and the little girl, he gave them the most cordial greeting, and wobbled about on a rail as if he must tumble off every second.

  • Iv
  • 121. sketch of, iv.

  • Old-Fashioned(Definition of old-fashioned)
  • It was to her mind much more splendid than the sitting-room in the other house, with its dim old-fashioned state, and even than the great north parlor, whose furniture and paper had been imported from england at great cost nearly a hundred years ago.

  • It(Definition of It)
  • It was a wonder!

  • Ni
  • One day baidaux said to his sister: 'moin ni yonne yche, va!

  • Si(Definition of si)
  • Si barbara, quam teutiscam dicunt, lingua loqueretur.

  • Il(Definition of il)
  • Quadrio succeeded in discovering the name of one of our greatest comic geniuses; for, alluding to our diversity of action in comedy, he mentions in his fifth volume, page 148,-"il celebre benjanson, nella sua commedia intitolato bartolommeo foicere, e in quella altra commedia intitolato ipsum veetz."

  • Wi
  • "i was perfectly overpowered wi' shame; but it was a relief to me when he gaed awa-and i slipped out after him, and into the shop again.

  • Id
  • 11, 'haec vulgo iactata, super id quod nullo auctore certo firmantur, prompte refutaveris.

  • I'm(Definition of I'm)
  • He's not happy, i'm afraid.

  • Ii
  • 191 sudbury, archbishop of canterbury, ii.

  • U(Definition of U)
  • The fay'-u is built at considerable expense.

  • I'd(Definition of i'd)
  • "i'd like to have a word with you.

  • Hi(Definition of hi)
  • Hi there, bunny brown!

    J A Y and Ye' so shy Now he won't even step to his idol to say hi

    – Big Brother by Kanye West
  • Vi
  • What are you up to, vi?

  • If(Definition of If)
  • If i do not, go to mr. chiffinch yourself and tell him."

  • Oi
  • He sat with his hat between his knees, looked into it, scratched his head, and said with a jerk, "oi agree with brother bushel."

  • Ai(Definition of ai)
  • Ai kanaka ko maua akua.