Correct spelling for MOCING

We think the word mocing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for mocing

  • Mooching
  • Moping(Definition of Moping)
  • 'Cause late in the evening as I sit here moping With a bamboo needle and a shellac of Chopin

    – The Other End (Of the Telescope) by Elvis Costello
  • Ming
  • She has more than one ming jar in the library at her country place; yards upon yards of point de venise in her top bureau-drawer.

  • Messing
  • She must hurry-for the first time dinner was late, while polly was messing like a perfect little fool.

  • Mussing(Definition of Mussing)
  • Moiling
  • 11. thrusting, toiling, wailing, moiling, frowning, preaching-such a riot!

  • Mincing(Definition of mincing)
  • Yes, it is no use mincing words.

  • Moving(Definition of moving)
  • Word has just reached us that macqueen is moving in that direction.

  • Icing(Definition of icing)
  • The vendors of food who wandered round the circus had eggs dyed blue and red, cakes with sugared icing and refreshing drinks in jars of both colors.

  • Mooting(Definition of Mooting)
  • Miocene(Definition of miocene)
  • But, if the full state of the jordan valley marks the glacial epoch, then it follows that the excavation of that valley by atmospheric agencies must have occupied an immense antecedent time-a large part, perhaps the whole, of the pliocene epoch; and we are thus forced to the conclusion that, since the miocene epoch, the physical conformation of the holy land has been substantially what it is now.

  • Massing
  • "i should say so," added the speaker with force, as he moved over and glanced at the heaps his servants were massing together, upon the lower step.

  • Mousing(Definition of Mousing)
  • Mooing
  • Bandannas and american flags waved like a moving forest, the shouts of the crowd and the drumming of thousands of heels on the floor drowned the band and every air that has been sung in the campaign from 'everybody's doin' it' to 'onward, christian soldiers,' boomed forth when the enthusiasts, wearied of plain cheering, of mooing like the moose, or of yelling: 'we want teddy!

  • Voicing(Definition of voicing)
  • "please go," she said, more voicing her thoughts than meaning to speak.

  • Musing(Definition of musing)
  • While martin was thus musing, nance had cleared off the table, washed the dishes, and put them carefully away.

  • Morning(Definition of morning)
  • This morning, and i got him back, of course.

  • Mooring(Definition of mooring)
  • A sensation as of being wrenched away from some safe mooring passed through me as she withdrew her gaze, and, turning her head, whispered to lady tressidy, who sat beside her.

  • Forcing(Definition of Forcing)
  • He had flung the letter to the floor, but he lifted it again and went over the cruel words, forcing himself to read them slowly and aloud.

  • Morin(Definition of Morin)
  • Mucking
  • Mobbing
  • They found the charge of wilful fire-raising not proven against the prisoners, but found three of them guilty of mobbing and rioting, but, in respect of their previous good conduct, recommended them to mercy.

  • Mowing(Definition of Mowing)
  • Grass high could use some mowin' Wonder what the drive ins showing

    – I'll Be There In A Minute by Gowan
  • Breakoffs
  • Meowing
  • Acing
  • Mooning
  • And could i have done that, think you now, if my heart was a-mooning upon family wrongs, and this, that, and the other?

  • Missing(Definition of missing)
  • Their hats and shoes were missing.

  • Mocking(Definition of mocking)
  • It's just as if i were being tempted by mocking spirits, which keep on pretending to open my eyes when the doctor is out."

  • Mixing(Definition of mixing)
  • Are you mixing any tiger fat with that wax, uncle, to bind it?

  • Moaning(Definition of moaning)
  • How often, too, shall we hear in fancy as we do now in reality the moaning of the storm and the booming breakers along the shore!

  • Mopping(Definition of mopping)
  • Then he began mopping the floor again.