Correct spelling for OCASSION

We think the word ocassion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for ocassion

  • Emission(Definition of emission)
  • On studying the properties of the elements in a transformation series in connection with the ray emission which produced them, it was seen that these properties were determined in each case by the nature of the ray emitted from the preceding transformation product or parent element.

  • Action(Definition of action)
  • No one could doubt what that action would be.

  • Accession(Definition of accession)
  • But his connexion with munster not unnaturally brought him also an accession of fortune.

  • Occasional(Definition of occasional)
  • Satan was creeping close to wallace and jones, with frank looming white through the occasional pinyons.

  • Cashing
  • All that was left for him to do then was to hit for the coppermine, and not so much for himself, for he stood in honor bound to see that camillo bill lost nothing through cashing those slips and markers upon his assurance that the claims were worth a million.

  • Cation(Definition of cation)
  • Approximately 19% of the final polymer is made up of the aniline radical cation which is formed during the reaction.

  • Occasioned
  • I was unfortunately persuaded to take out a woman with me as a nurse for my child during the voyage, as i was in very poor health; and her conduct, and the trouble and expense she occasioned, were a perfect illustration of what i have described.

  • Occlusion(Definition of occlusion)
  • A 2016 study of the dental occlusion (contact between the teeth) of ankylosaur specimens found that the ability for backwards (palinal) jaw movement evolved independently in different ankylosaur lineages, including late cretaceous north american ankylosaurids like ankylosaurus and euoplocephalus.

  • Location(Definition of location)
  • It is at work even in the cases of small memories of location, e.

  • Omission(Definition of omission)
  • The dyaks consider the adding to any tugong bula they may pass a sacred duty, the omission of which will meet with supernatural punishment, and so, however pressed for time a dyak may be, he stops to throw on the pile some small branch or twig.

  • Asian(Definition of asian)
  • It seemed to be in the asian atmosphere, and mr. prang's prose style had a smack of it too.

  • Evasion(Definition of evasion)
  • It seemed to me an unworthy evasion of the question.

  • Occasions
  • Accordingly he sent for spinello, remembering how well he had been served upon other occasions, and induced him to do the picture for the principal chapel.

  • Cushion(Definition of cushion)
  • See, we can take this cushion out of this chair for a pillow."

  • Oration(Definition of oration)
  • This he did in an able manner, although a well-known story describes him as listening to sheridan, on the oude case, with intense interest, and exclaiming, after the first hour, 'this is mere declamation without proof'-after the next two, 'this is a man of extraordinary powers'-and ere the close of the matchless oration, 'of all the monsters in history, warren hastings is the vilest.

  • Evocation(Definition of evocation)
  • Mendoza exerted all his diplomatic ability, but, although leo admitted, in a brief of july 13, 1520, to adrian that the evocation of cases to rome, both on appeal and in first instance, led to delays, impunity for offenders and encouragement of offences, still he would not abandon diego de las casas.

  • Ovation(Definition of ovation)
  • We gave him a three-minute rising ovation.

  • Avocation(Definition of avocation)
  • But once having entered on the life of a guide, he threw himself into it as heartily as if it had been his life-long avocation, and speedily became one of the best guides in the region.

  • Occasion(Definition of occasion)
  • She could stop no longer, for she was to take part in the jubilee with daphne, and hastened away to prepare for the occasion.

  • Vocation(Definition of vocation)
  • In the fulfilment of that divine vocation they are dispersed, and whatever is dispersed is deprived of a great part of its strength.

  • Caution(Definition of caution)
  • Taking care; going slowly and with caution.