Correct spelling for PERCOSION

We think the word percosion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for percosion

  • Pension(Definition of pension)
  • "when they get a good pension they'll be just as respectable as you or me.

  • Passion(Definition of passion)
  • His face was working with fear and passion.

  • Percussion(Definition of percussion)
  • The thickness of the butt and the breech of the barrel showed it to be an old flintlock which had been altered into a percussion gun by some local gunsmith.

  • Pectin(Definition of pectin)
  • Water 81.80 albuminous matters 1.53 insoluble ditto 0.66 sugar 5.85 wax and fatty matter 2.55 mucilage, pectin, and digestible matters 2.59 indigestible woody fibre 4.03 mineral matter 0.99 --- 100.00

  • Potion(Definition of potion)
  • But first take this"-and he poured out from a quaintly shaped flask a full glass of deep red-coloured wine-"this is no magic potion-it is simply a form of nourishment which will be safer for you than solid food,- and i know you have eaten nothing all day since your light breakfast.

  • Perdition(Definition of perdition)
  • There's no engine to stir to-night; all the locks are on it; she will send half-a-dozen milkings like you to perdition, and there will be a circle of black blood about her name in the traditions of the insurrection-do you hear?

  • Percolation(Definition of percolation)
  • Turning the pot upside down the percolation takes place very slowly and no aroma is lost.

  • Permission(Definition of permission)
  • This you have most certainly done without the faculty's permission.

  • Persecution(Definition of persecution)
  • Upon one point only the prince had been peremptory, he would have no persecution.

  • Perching
  • I believe he contents himself with perching, like the birds; he lights now here, now there.

  • Portion(Definition of portion)
  • As they were returning george pointed across the river at a peculiarly shaped log, or what appeared to be portion of a large tree.

  • Persian(Definition of persian)
  • The persian party now met with a hindrance, a large crowd having assembled before one of the handsomest houses in the street leading to the temple of neith.

  • Persuasion(Definition of persuasion)
  • However, by a vote of 19 to 15, the movement continued to oppose violence and to limit its power to an appeal based on moral persuasion.

  • Repercussion(Definition of repercussion)
  • But she, my princess, who will sometimes deign 150 my garret to illumine till the walls, narrow and dingy, scrawled with hackneyed thought (poor richard slowly elbowing plato out), dilate and drape themselves with tapestries nausikaa might have stooped o'er, while, between, mirrors, effaced in their own clearness, send her only image on through deepening deeps with endless repercussion of delight,- bringer of life, witching each sense to soul, that sometimes almost gives me to believe 160 i might have been a poet, gives at least a brain dasaxonized, an ear that makes music where none is, and a keener pang of exquisite surmise outleaping thought,- her will i pamper in her luxury: no crumpled rose-leaf of too careless choice shall bring a northern nightmare to her dreams, vexing with sense of exile; hers shall be the invitiate firstlings of experience, vibrations felt but once and felt life long: 170 oh, more than half-way turn that grecian front upon me, while with self-rebuke i spell, on the plain fillet that confines thy hair in conscious bounds of seeming unconstraint, the naught in overplus, thy race's badge!

  • Perfection(Definition of perfection)
  • But it was in the next year, 1854, that kingsley's work reached its greatest perfection in the brilliant historical novel of westward ho!

  • Recursion
  • Anonymous recursion primarily consists of calling "the current function", which results in direct recursion.

  • Precaution(Definition of precaution)
  • Then the fellow muttered a few unintelligible words, unfastened the brown bear, and took it back into its den; then with every appearance of precaution he loosened the door of the pigsty and took the end of a chain which was lying on the ground.

  • Perversion(Definition of perversion)
  • On examination it will be found that their christ is a being of their own inventing, that their christianity is a perversion of christ's real teaching.