Correct spelling for RELATETION

We think the word relatetion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for relatetion

  • Relation(Definition of relation)
  • Their number is, perhaps, 10,000. their exact relation to the other hottentots is uncertain.

  • Flotation(Definition of flotation)
  • Crimean war, referred to on: asylum to men-of-war, 418 blockade, 453, 454, 464, 465 contraband, 501 enemy property at sea under neutral flag, 220 enemy subjects on belligerent's territory, 132 letters of marque, 220 loans, flotation of, 431 merchantmen at outbreak of war, 140, 235

  • Retardation(Definition of retardation)
  • There is no doubt in the minds of well-informed people that here is found a very fruitful cause of retardation, as seen both in grade-failure and in early dropping out of school.

  • Recitation(Definition of recitation)
  • Yet, when pressed, the easy chair's interlocutor admitted that there was nothing more essentially unfeminine in the practice of medicine by a woman than in the recitation of shakespeare for the entertainment of a miscellaneous crowd.

  • Relocation(Definition of relocation)
  • Somalia "somaliland" secessionists provide port facilities to land-locked ethiopia and establish commercial ties with regional states; "puntland" and "somaliland" "governments" seek support from neighboring states in their secessionist aspirations and in conflicts with each other; ethiopia has only an administrative line with the oromo region of southern somalia and maintains alliances with local somali clans opposed to the unrecognized somali interim government, which plans eventual relocation from kenya to mogadishu; rival militia and clan fighting in southern somalia periodically spills over into kenya; most of the remaining 23,000 somali refuges in ethiopia are expected to be repatriated in 2005

  • Refutation(Definition of refutation)
  • You may not unnaturally suppose that the attempt to solve such problems as these can lead to no result, save that of entangling the inquirer in vague speculations, incapable of refutation and of verification.

  • Salutation(Definition of salutation)
  • As this occupation had drawn them from the rest of the party from the time mr. cartwright approached to join it, they had not yet received that gentleman's salutation, and he now went up to them.

  • Dilatation(Definition of dilatation)
  • Mechanical irritation of other parts of the spinal cord, on the other hand, causes vaso-motor paralysis and dilatation of blood-vessels.

  • Rotation(Definition of rotation)
  • The shorter the day the more is the earth bulged at the equator; the more the earth is bulged at the equator the greater is the strain put upon the materials of the earth by the centrifugal force of its rotation.

  • Rendition(Definition of rendition)
  • If ten players study the same piece with the same high degree of exactness and objectivity-depend upon it: each one will still play it quite differently from the nine others, though each one may think his rendition the only correct one.

  • Relegation(Definition of relegation)
  • The appeal from the sentence of the amtmann, lies to the senate, which also pronounces the consilium abeundi and the relegation, on the motion of the amtmann.

  • Reputation(Definition of reputation)
  • Mr. maloney had the reputation of being not only the most wholesale murderer that ever lived, but also of having a finish and attention to detail in matters of evidence which has been unapproached by any european criminal.

  • Retaliation(Definition of retaliation)
  • Her acts of retaliation against the berlin decrees and the policy of tilsit were harsh and high-handed.

  • Realization(Definition of realization)
  • At all events, he now accepted it as the common destiny, without any painful feeling, and it seemed to give new realization to his mother's feeling that her own was indeed nothing but a morbid feeling, and that normal nature did not shrink from death.

  • Repetition(Definition of repetition)
  • The service opened with singing, of which there was a plentiful repetition, the boys and girls in the foreground singing, the melancholy throng behind standing dumb.

  • Relating(Definition of Relating)
  • I would have tossed it from me carelessly, but the headlines relating to the latest sensation caught my eye.

  • Reelection(Definition of reelection)
  • At his behest a permanent constitution was promulgated in 1880. while he affected to dislike continual reelection, he saw to it nevertheless that he himself should be the sole candidate who was likely to win.