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Correct spelling for SAKED

We think the word saked is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a definition below each word.

Possible correct spellings for saked

  • Baked
  • Dried out by heat or excessive exposure to sunlight; "a vast desert all adust"; "land lying baked in the heat"; "parched soil"; "the earth was scorched and bare"; "sunbaked salt flats".

  • Masked
  • Having its true character concealed with the intent of misleading; "hidden agenda"; "masked threat".

  • Sacked
  • Having been robbed and destroyed by force and violence; "the raped countryside".

  • Sad
  • Bad; unfortunate; "my finances were in a deplorable state"; "a lamentable decision"; "her clothes were in sad shape"; "a sorry state of affairs".

  • Sade
  • French soldier and writer whose descriptions of sexual perversion gave rise to the term `sadism' (1740-1814).

  • Sake
  • A reason for wanting something done; "for your sake"; "died for the sake of his country"; "in the interest of safety"; "in the common interest".

  • Sated
  • Fed beyond capacity or desire.

  • Saved
  • Guarded from injury or destruction.

  • Scad
  • Any of a number of fishes of the family carangidae.

  • Skate
  • Move along on skates; "the dutch often skate along the canals in winter".

  • Skater
  • Someone who skates.

  • Skid
  • An unexpected slide.

  • Slaked
  • Allayed; "his thirst quenched he was able to continue".

  • Soaked
  • (slang) very drunk.

  • Stacked
  • (slang) well or attractively formed with respect to physique.

  • Stake
  • Put at risk; "i will stake my good reputation for this".

  • Asked
  • Of ask.

  • Basked
  • Of bask.

  • Caked
  • Of cake.

  • Raked
  • Of rake.

  • Sagged
  • Of sag.

  • Skated
  • Of skate.

  • Skied
  • Imp. & p. p. of sky, v. t..

  • Slacked
  • Of slacken.

  • Smacked
  • Of smack.

  • Tasked
  • Of task.

  • Waked
  • Of wake.

  • Snaked
  • Of snake.

  • Sneaked
  • Of sneak.

  • Staked
  • Of stake.

  • Sucked
  • Of suck.