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Correct spelling for SEING

We think the word seing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a definition below each word.

Possible correct spellings for seing

  • Being
  • The state or fact of existing; "a point of view gradually coming into being"; "laws in existence for centuries".

  • Seeing
  • Perception by means of the eyes.

  • Seen
  • Witnessed at first hand.

  • Seine
  • Fish with a seine; catch fish with a seine.

  • Sen
  • A fractional monetary unit of japan and indonesia and cambodia; equal to one hundredth of a yen or rupiah or riel.

  • Senna
  • Any of various plants of the genus senna having pinnately compound leaves and showy usually yellow flowers; many are used medicinally.

  • Sewing
  • Needlework that involves sewing; "she put her sewing back in the basket".

  • Sewn
  • Fastened with stitches.

  • Sign
  • An event that is experienced as indicating important things to come; "he hoped it was an augury"; "it was a sign from god".

  • Sin
  • Commit a faux pas or fault.

  • Sine
  • Ratio of the opposite side to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle.

  • Sing
  • Divulge information or secrets; spill the beans; "be careful--his secretary talks".

  • Singe
  • A surface burn.

  • Sling
  • A plaything consisting of a y-shaped stick with elastic between the arms; used to propel small stones.

  • Sting
  • Cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort; "the sun burned his face".

  • Swing
  • In baseball; a batter's attempt to hit a pitched ball; "he took a vicious cut at the ball".

  • Zing
  • The activeness of an energetic personality.

  • Sean
  • A seine. see seine..

  • Seiner
  • One who fishes with a seine..

  • Suing
  • Of sue.