Correct spelling for THAT12

We think the word that12 is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for that12

  • Theater(Definition of theater)
  • He was, on these occasions, carried through the market-place in a litter, and brought in, sitting, into the theater, where the people with one voice saluted him by his name; and then, after returning the courtesy, and pausing for a time, till the noise of their gratulations and blessings began to cease, he heard the business in debate, and delivered his opinion.

  • Chat(Definition of chat)
  • "ah," he said at last, with a sigh, after a little current chat, "i must be off now.

  • Thad
  • But z' waters by machico are deep and cruel, and thad ship has went all to li'l' piece' hundreds years ago; and only the gold-the heavy, heavy doubloon gold-r'main down there; and to find it is not possible.

  • Thud(Definition of thud)
  • There was a scatter of stones, and then a thud-thud over the grass to the pine trees-sounds that signalised the arrival of jim and wally, in much haste.

  • Threat(Definition of threat)
  • Whenever he made this threat he did not scruple to tell her that the house had to be kept up solely for her welfare.

  • Thai(Definition of thai)
  • And thai, with speris and suerdis brycht, and axis that rycht scharply schar, 575 in-myd the visage met thame thar.

  • Thar(Definition of Thar)
  • All of us; and don't let one be missing thar.

  • That(Definition of That)
  • That is why i followed you.

  • Ta
  • Then i sat down quietly and waited, while ta-ta, more daring, set up a kindly howl of sympathetic lamentation, which happily caused a diversion.

  • Phat
  • Carte blanche (phat kat album), 2007 "carte blanche", a 1999 trance song by veracocha "carte blanche", a song from shock treatment (1981), the follow-up film to the rocky horror picture show "carte blanche", a 1987 song by oktobar 1864 from album oktobar 1864 television carte blanche (tv series), an investigative journalism show produced by combined artists and aired on m-net "carte blanche" (the shield), an episode from the fx tv show, the shield carta blanca, a 2006 spanish talk show yvette carte-blanche, a fictional character in the bbc sitcom 'allo allo!

  • Theta(Definition of theta)
  • D[phi] 1 d[psi] 1 d[psi] d[psi] ---- = ------ -----, ------ ----- = - ----, (13) d[theta] sin [theta] d[lambda] sin [theta] d[lambda] d[theta]

  • Th
  • I have the honor to be, sir, your most obedient and most humble servant, th: jefferson.

  • Tat(Definition of tat)
  • With a more elaborate, fanciful and complexive "rat-tat-tat-rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-" he suddenly lost his grip of the "human drum," picard wriggled out from under, and the drummer bumped his own posterior on the pave.

  • Throat(Definition of throat)
  • He pushed his chair back and stood erect, one hand raised above the other, clutching the blanket around his throat, the end trailing on the floor.

  • What(Definition of What)
  • I know what i talk of.

  • Teat(Definition of teat)
  • Or, as the woman sits engaged in embroidering a blue bodice with a pattern of white peas, one will perceive that she has long been accustomed to plying the needle so dexterously; swiftly do the small, sunburnt hands fly in and out under the tumbled material, eagerly though the wind may strive to wrest it from her. again, as she sits bending over her work, one will descry through a rent in her bodice a small, firm bosom which might almost have been that of a virgin, were it not for the fact that a projecting teat proclaims that she is a woman preparing to suckle an infant.

  • Than(Definition of Than)
  • I know no more of him than that."

  • Thwart(Definition of thwart)
  • Her aunt also would detect the mischievous plot against her nephew and guest, and thwart it.

  • Thaw(Definition of thaw)
  • There was, however, a faint probability of somebody attempting to jump the unoccupied claim, and he had of late become infected by allonby's impatience, while he felt that he could not sit idle in the cities until the thaw came round again.

  • Hat(Definition of hat)
  • If you could really know, hat, the cold-heartedness and wicked-mindedness of those people!

    I just grab my hat And leave where I'm at

    – A Happy Guy by Rick Nelson
  • Ghat(Definition of ghat)
  • But here we overtook our tripoline friends, who had left ghat ten days before us and were waiting for our arrival.

  • Thea(Definition of thea)
  • "yes, yes, you must talk to him," said the countess, wiping away her tears, while thea looked eagerly at her father, quite undecided whether to side with walter or with bernhard.