Correct spelling for TRIPT

We think the word tript is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for tript

  • Trip(Definition of trip)
  • It does seem too bad that you should not see the place, having been with us on our first trip, and we will give you a chance."

  • Rapt(Definition of rapt)
  • There was a rapt expression upon his face; plainly nothing existed for him at that moment outside the pages of his book.

  • Drip(Definition of drip)
  • Horror seized all the citizens; men and women came to wipe the brow and cheeks of the statue, but the drops of perspiration did not cease to drip, and this continued several days and nights.

  • Tripos(Definition of tripos)
  • They were confident that no bracy had ever been a mathematician; for an uncle of theirs, now a rector in shropshire and once of emmanuel college, cambridge, where for reasons best known to himself he had sought honours in the mathematical tripos and narrowly missed the wooden spoon, had clearly no claim to the title.

  • Trips
  • "nothing i like more than these little trips.

  • Treat(Definition of treat)
  • Do they treat you well?"

  • Triply(Definition of Triply)
  • From the depths of a capacious pocket he fished a sheathed blade of stellite, triply keen; its razor-sharp edge sawed smoothly at the bonds.

  • Trivet(Definition of trivet)
  • A skillet and a gridiron stood against the jamb on one side, a hoe for baking hoe cakes and a little wrought-iron trivet were in order on the other.

  • Triplet(Definition of triplet)
  • Klindworth writes in triplet groups, kullak in quintolets.

  • Trope(Definition of trope)
  • The eighth trope is the one based upon relation, from which 135 we conclude to suspend our judgment as to what things are absolutely, in their nature, since every thing is in relation to something else.

  • Trait(Definition of trait)
  • This trait of character is universally ascribed to them among the spaniards in the philippines, who ought to be well acquainted with them.

  • Tripe(Definition of tripe)
  • Rabbit was wondering who could be living here when the door slowly opened and an old man appeared in the doorway, bearing a tripe water pail in his right hand.

  • Trite(Definition of trite)
  • I make this trite remark, because i happen to know that messrs.

    Dream a quiet place for us to fight Oh no, your heart is broken- don't you think that's a little trite

    – From a Motel 6 by Yo La Tengo
  • Tried(Definition of tried)
  • I tried to put it from me, but it was there.

  • Trot(Definition of trot)
  • Perhaps we might find trit and trot," she suggested.

    Dime's in the slot Ready to trot

    – 6060-842 by B-52's
  • Triple(Definition of triple)
  • The floor might be of double or even of triple thickness, and this thought puzzled me; for in that case how was i to prevent the guard sweeping out the room throughout the two months my work might last.

  • Trout(Definition of trout)
  • Tom seized hold of it, and pulling it carefully in, landed landed another fine trout, while harry stood by, looking rather sheepish.

    We seek the sumblering trout And wispering in their ears Give them unquiet dreams; Leaning softly out

    – The Stolen Child by Loreena McKennitt
  • Trap(Definition of trap)
  • George, so long as that trap is outside of our front door, i can never have a moment's peace, worrying about the children.

  • Tripod(Definition of tripod)
  • The small tripod went up outside the base's main building.

  • Tripped
  • In doing so he tripped, and, in falling, the light he carried was extinguished as it flew from his hand.

  • Triad(Definition of triad)
  • Time, opportunity, motive, when in full accord, constitute a fatal triad, and the suspicious and unexplainable conduct of the prisoner in various respects, furnishes, in connection with other circumstances of this case, the strongest presumptive evidence of her guilt.