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How To Spell multimillionaire?

Correct spelling: multimillionaire

List of misspellings for multimillionaire:

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Ben Pon Sr.


Dutch businessman

Bernardus Marinus "Ben" Pon, Sr. was a Dutch businessman. In 1947, Pon's Automobielhandel, became the first dealer outside of Germany to sell vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen.

The Doyle School of Design and Technology



The Doyle School of Design and Technology was founded by American Old Blue, John Doyle who is a reputed British-American engineer and multimillionaire entrepreneur. It replaced Christ's Hospital's former D&T department.

The multimillionaire straphanger

Book by George P Morrill

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Quotes for multimillionaire:

  1. Nobody is thinking they're going to come out here and put a team here and become a multimillionaire. I don't know anybody that comes into the NFL like that.

Rhymes for multimillionaire:

  1. pear, sare, gare, mair, skare, blair, care, baer, bair, claire, lehr, chair, maire, where, prayer, khmer, hair, scare, their, heir, darr, guerre, fair, clare, gair, lare, share, hehr, glare, mer, ne'er, tear, there, ferre, clair, wear, eyre, cher, fare, faire, bear, mare, err, pair, fer, derr, kehr, rare, werre, terre, bare, herr, nair, sayre, air, they're, flair, blare, serr, flare, pare, stare, dare, snare, hare, spare, lair, swear, bahr, gehr, ware, square, stair;
  2. impair, aware, mcnair, abair, compare, prepare, beware, o'hare, repair, comair, pierre, adair, sinclair, moliere, dispair, declare, affair, midair, belair, montclair, forswear, allaire, despair, swissair, astaire, alair, voltaire, ensnare, unfair, adaire;
  3. millionaire, usair, billionaire, questionnaire, doctrinaire, javier, solitaire, icelandair, unaware, disrepair, debonair, aer;
  4. concessionaire;

Translations for multimillionaire:

Afrikaans word for Multimillionaire


Arabic word for Multimillionaire


Bengali word for Multimillionaire


Chinese word for Multimillionaire


French word for Multimillionaire


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Tamil word for Multimillionaire


Turkish word for Multimillionaire

Multi milyoner.

Ukrainian word for Multimillionaire


Vietnamese word for Multimillionaire

có nhiều tài sản.