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What are the usage examples for ne?

  1. And the Paynims say that no Christian man may not long dwell ne endure with the life in that city, but die within short time; and no man knoweth not the cause. – The-Travels-of-Sir-John-Mandeville by Mandeville, John, Sir
  2. Wilde " ne causait pas; il contait," says M. Gide. – Oscar Wilde A Critical Study by Arthur Ransome
  3. This set the barn- yard in a roar, and the peacock shouted his applause in a loud " ne onk!" – Queer Stories for Boys and Girls by Edward Eggleston

What are the rhymes for ne?

  1. rupee, potpourri, plea, neigh, ski, fe, graye, three, bibi, guarani, magee, draftee, bui, mt, cxc, slay, sze, zee, chea, trustee, appointee, syp, mc, sway, bray, gee, glee, shi, qui, de, raye, me, musee, tyree, ze, pawnee, jae, gyi, k, ney, odp, jaye, tse, gutsy, dundee, jee, nic, leigh, licensee, mme, marie, klee, way, pay, ip, lay, m3, nominee, the, g, prix, foresee, clay, yay, yippee, rae, nee, fray, cyb, frey, b, je, c, li, hey, rb, blea, gaye, apc, ee, wey, che, key, ged, bt, valoree, c3, ravi, ay, repartee, z, ddt, jie, mea, ib, flay, shri, tea, kaye, oad, whoopee, shea, jubilee, flee, tae, bay, beast, mpg, pieced, ofc, esprit, yee, dee, smee, thi, fleeced, brae, debris, yea, referee, ji, kyi, marquee, daye, rey, spree, atp, curie, ceased, dupree, sci, play, xie, tv, ca, tee, kay, henri, lp, yie, rosalee, nghi, jay, deportee, say, knee, she, fsi, may, mi, trey, vi, tenn, prey, hee, cie, ti, pray, tree, wray, faye, kee, resignee, klay, be, ley, yeast, pri, he, mcghee, loree, grey, fi, chablis, brie, marquis, markee, least, mey, sheree, feast, pattee, bea, saye, cat-3, thierry, dea, yangtze, p, oversea, whey, capri, ray, fay, thee, tay, cray, waikiki, t, bourgeoisie, mit, maye, andree, kea, lessee, stay, designee, sta, tennessee, greased, ve, fey, cac, nay, te, pei, enlistee, undersea, vey, rea, eap, crea, weigh, qi, bree, ab, wy, slee, waye, nestle, banshee, honoree, lxi, snee, brea, quay, trainee, bey, xi, leased, flea, sie, emcee, day, dae, bee, ot, spie, mee, we, dsv, inductee, re, quai, ae, sep, ye, bbc, parolee, sri, enrollee, mae, fop, si, sleigh, guarantee, disagree, gway, fee, internee, louie, they, guaranty, ki, tray, ree, j, vendee, njt, spray, id, khe, lee, cd, wei, decree, detainee, nie, free, cc, conferee, pea, haye, devotee, lea, jaycee, nabil, goatee, dey, yi, chee, lait, hay, paye, retiree, brey, nej, ranee, sightsee, pree, lsd, east, blay, lei, hwe, mei, indri, se, dray, gray, lavie, vee, rosemarie, wee, mcgee, see, d, cay, escapee, sea, zea, cree, ghee, cod, jessee, stray, shay, drey, v, franchisee, priest, degree;
  2. nikkei, agree, soiree, buffet, souffle, carre, away, nisei, mcveigh, valet, cliche, da, convey, alee, abbe, dossier, risque, today, albee, obey, levey, prepay, cafe, asay, saute, purvey, decreased, sorbet, policed, replay, survey, sergei, hervey, toupee, ac, delray, manet, ballet, okay, renee, chalet, monet, mckay, portray, moray, repay, jose, passe, cathay, filet, croquet, abee, ga, dk, delay, belay, ha, o'shea, macrae, beauvais, fillet, hurray, released, decay, puree, crochet, array, ole, mackay, northeast, adee, mccrea, increased, display, b-j, parquet, rene, betray, orsay, ek, millay, allay, hooray, olay, bombay, beret, oj, achee, halfway, cache, gervais, dismay, southeast, calais, astray, defray, essay, bouquet, deceased;
  3. monterey, ira, amputee, faberge, bta, bouvier, lyonnais, abt, dak, piaget, uva, absentee, overplay, aaa, ita, perrier, adoree, disobey, cea, chevrolet, unreleased, bua, intraday, overstay, jna, cabaret, underway, disarray, cabernet, ekk, underplay, attache, adoptee, monterrey, fiance, addressee, amc;
  4. asea, knbc, naivete, ceta, cabriolet, irit, communique, hnat, noaa, geac, lapd, foia, hiaa, interviewee;
  5. awb;
  6. waga;

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