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Correct spelling: nevada


Common misspellings for nevada:

neveada, nevadians, nevade, navada, neveda, nevsada, nevadans, nevadan, nev, nevadas, nevad.

Nevada \n(e)-va-da\

Nevada as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Nevada), is pronounced ne-VAH-dah. It is of Spanish origin, and the meaning of Nevada is "snowfall". The name of the western American state used as a given name.
Naveed, Navid.

Nevada \n(e)-va-da\

Nevada as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Nevada), is a variant of Neva (Latin), and the meaning of Nevada is "snow".

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Examples of usage for nevada:

  1. With the Widow as a partner, or even as a stockholder, the best- natured man in the state of Nevada could not have worked the Paymaster at a profit. "Shadow Mountain" , Dane Coolidge.
  2. Martin was a mining engineer: he had been employed in a Nevada mine, but was visiting his cousin in the valley now before going to a new position in June. "Sisters" , Kathleen Norris.
  3. Cherry never saw her husband so animated or so interested as when men he had known before chanced to drift into town, mining men from Nevada or from El Nido, or men he had known in college. "Sisters" , Kathleen Norris.

Quotes for nevada:

  1. And if you like 14. 4 percent unemployment, if you like the fact that 70 percent of home mortgages in Nevada are underwater, then stay the course. Vote for Harry Reid. - John Cornyn
  2. The travel and tourism industry is the lifeblood of many states around the country- including Florida, California, New York and Nevada, to name a few. - Mark Foley
  3. Nevada once again has shown double digit increases in tax revenue... Nevada continues to show economic stability with its desirable business climate and booming tourism sector. - Kenny Guinn
  4. Higher education is not growing fast enough to meet the needs of Nevada. - James E. Rogers
  5. Nevada has a world -class economy. It will only build a world -class culture with world -class research universities coupled with the Desert Research Institute. - James E. Rogers

Rhymes for nevada:

  1. amerada, enchilada, intifada.
  2. armada, casada, cassada, estrada, grenada.
  3. bada, cada, ghada, hada, lada, mada, nada, prada, rada, radha, sada, spada, thadda.
  4. granada, tada, thada, wada, yamada, zada.
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