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How To Spell nitration?

Correct spelling: nitration

List of misspellings for nitration:

  • notifciaton,
  • conideration,
  • nutriction,
  • nutritian,
  • nforamtion,
  • naturaisation,
  • nutrtional,
  • nutirition,
  • quotration,
  • diretion,
  • nutritrion,
  • nitigation,
  • nutrtition,
  • pentration,
  • nutrtian,
  • cortarasion,
  • narriation,
  • nteraction,
  • deteration,
  • neutrition,
  • nutrion,
  • diration,
  • nutritiuon,
  • nutiriton,
  • narrition,
  • deteiriation,
  • nutririon,
  • nutrution,
  • nutirtion,
  • nutricien,
  • nigosheation,
  • netrution,
  • notiication,
  • nutriation,
  • penatraition,
  • genteration,
  • penitration,
  • nutrituion,
  • nitreogen,
  • denaturation,
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  • nodilation,
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  • nitrogeon,
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  • nitrigen,
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  • attration.

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Bishop George Ahr High School, also known as Bishop Ahr or BGA, is a four-year, private, college preparatory, and coeducational Roman Catholic high school serving students in ninth through twelfth grades located on a campus covering 34 acres in the northern section of Edison, in Middlesex County, New Jersey, United States.

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Nitrotyrosine is a product of tyrosine nitration mediated by reactive nitrogen species such as peroxynitrite anion and nitrogen dioxide. Nitrotyrosine is identified as an indicator or marker of cell damage, inflammation as well as NO production. Nitrotyrosine is formed in the presence of the active metabolite NO.



Chemical compound

Trinitrotriazine, or 2,4,6-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine, is a theoretical explosive compound. Synthesis of this compound has been elusive despite its simple structure, as conventional nitration of triazine becomes increasingly more difficult as more nitro groups are added.

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Rhymes for nitration:

  1. revaluation, incorporation, location, incrustation, revelation, excitation, oscillation, defamation, incapacitation, exhortation, deflation, edification, gastrulation, sedimentation, mechanization, disorientation, desecration, conflagration, orientation, affectation, reservation, pasteurization, aggravation, participation, innovation, deforestation, domestication, reflation, information, misidentification, extermination, oxidation, destabilization, detonation, utilization, subluxation, continuation, miniaturization, dilation, impersonation, centralization, corp, optation, dehydration, corporation, navigation, expropriation, constellation, misinterpretation, bifurcation, animation, implantation, securitization, germination, rationalization, prognostication, stabilization, transformation, misinformation, lubrication, intoxication, preservation, resignation, concatenation, duration, palpitation, expiration, transillumination, ventilation, fumigation, hibernation, gentrification, deviation, organisation, relaxation, deification, undervaluation, reorganization, recertification, disinflation, rumination, excavation, perturbation, ratification, insinuation, conglomeration, invalidation, deformation, reputation, unification, consolation, hospitalization, triangulation, evaluation, damnation, simulation, disqualification, coronation, intimidation, levitation, predestination, constipation, inflation, reaffiliation, adjudication, disinclination, importation, cremation, depreciation, redecoration, dissertation, salvation, confederation, monopolization, regimentation, celebration, approximation, infatuation, fertilization, installation, fluctuation, localization, fixation, arbitration, equalization, inflammation, ossification, adaptation, dislocation, amortization, deportation, implication, categorization, lactation, denomination, depredation, fragmentation, cohabitation, origination, detoxification, mutation, protestation, telecommunication, quantification, situation, degradation, implementation, recalculation, disputation, victimization, prostration, vocation, civilization, humiliation, recitation, evocation, verification, augmentation, compilation, exacerbation, desiccation, association, mineralization, preoccupation, assimilation, dilatation, coordination, cogitation, incubation, exoneration, adoration, incoordination, cultivation, rectification, sanctification, examination, incantation, rejuvenation, fibrillation, sophistication, fabrication, specification, irritation, formation, affrication, commendation, crustacean, intimation, gestation, disorganization, adulation, exaggeration, mummification, infestation, personalization, vaccination, profanation, determination, consternation, isolation, enumeration, variation, ordination, divination, justification, gasification, demobilization, appellation, remediation, renunciation, figuration, decontamination, retardation, overvaluation, visualization, exasperation, documentation, explanation, 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sterilization, subsidization, immunization, misappropriation, confirmation, connotation, computation, immigration, authentication, interpretation, annotation, unionization, machination, indemnification, assassination, revocation, incarnation, condemnation, collaboration, presentation, dissemination, renomination, dehumanization, characterization, instigation, contamination, communication, articulation, quotation, limitation, instrumentation, consecration, reconfirmation, confrontation, colonization, representation, incarceration, ionization, denunciation, plantation, migration, reverberation, deceleration, discrimination, disembarkation;
  2. ration, station, nation, haitian;
  3. cetacean, cessation, carnation, castration, causation, citation, alsatian;
  4. abrogation, aberration, acclimation, abdication, accusation, activation;
  5. accommodation, abomination, abbreviation, acceleration, accreditation;
  6. capitalization, cannibalization, alphabetization, acidification;
  7. demilitarization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for nitration:

Afrikaans word for Nitration

Stikstof sout.

Arabic word for Nitration


Bengali word for Nitration

নাইট্রি অ্যাসিড প্রয়োগ.

Chinese word for Nitration


French word for Nitration


German word for Nitration


Greek word for Nitration


Hindi word for Nitration


Italian word for Nitration


Japanese word for Nitration


Korean word for Nitration


Marathi word for Nitration


Polish word for Nitration


Portuguese word for Nitration


Romanian word for Nitration


Russian word for Nitration


Spanish word for Nitration


Swedish word for Nitration


Tamil word for Nitration


Turkish word for Nitration


Ukrainian word for Nitration


Vietnamese word for Nitration

tiêu toan diêm.