How To Spell Nor?

Correct spelling: Nor

What does the abbreviation Nor mean?


Nor as a girl's name.

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What are the rhymes for Nor?

  1. underscore, dorr, offshore, mazor, saur, laur, floor, outscore, laure, shore, or, soar, ore, roar, cor, scor, fore, porr, gabor, ohr, snore, galore, warr, oar, postwar, cohr, tore, orr, bohr, hoar, deplore, mor, yore, hardcore, war, pore, coar, lor, vore, moore, inshore, boar, store, torre, ignore, mohr, gore, igor, pour, goar, more, flore, lahore, torr, boer, por, wor, rapport, morr, glor, sor, lenore, thor, four, implore, wore, corps, prewar, dior, glore, swore, lore, chore, drawer, gorr, score, core, explore, your, spore, bore, sore, outpour, loar, schnorr, restore, dore, livor, tor, door, senor, corr, d'or, nohr, timor, m4, sedor, ngor, flor;
  2. decor, c4, adore, ador, bator, ashore, cat-4, amour, abhor, afore, before;
  3. heretofore, livermore, anymore, antiwar, guarantor;

What are the translations for Nor?

Afrikaans word for Nor


Arabic word for Nor


Dutch words for Nor

evenmin, ook niet, en ook niet, net zomin.

German word for Nor


Hindi word for Nor

और न ही.

Italian word for Nor


Japanese word for Nor


Javanese word for Nor

Utawa ora.

Korean word for Nor

...도 아니고 또한 ...도 아니다.

Malay word for Nor


Norwegian word for Nor

heller ikke.

Portuguese words for Nor

nem, tampouco, tão-pouco.

Romanian word for Nor


Russian word for Nor

тоже не.

Spanish word for Nor


Swedish words for Nor

ni, och inte.

Turkish words for Nor

ani, ne de.

Ukrainian word for Nor

ні … ні.

Vietnamese word for Nor

cũng không.

Welsh word for Nor