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How To Spell Ours?

Correct spelling: Ours

Definition of Ours:

  1. Of or pertaining to us; belonging to us; as, our country; our rights; our troops; our endeavors. See I.

List of misspellings for Ours:

  • iouoiu,
  • lurs,
  • oura,
  • tour''s,
  • eourpe,
  • orrur,
  • ouary,
  • ous,
  • surs,
  • houars,
  • owrse,
  • urs,
  • oure,
  • oocurs,
  • huors,
  • ourside,
  • yurs,
  • cours,
  • arhurs,
  • ourway,
  • oursue,
  • onur,
  • dourse,
  • ouces,
  • ourth,
  • 2011our,
  • ouers,
  • olors,
  • 48hours,
  • accours,
  • piours,
  • houers,
  • houirs,
  • hoiurs,
  • chours,
  • ourses,
  • gours,
  • ofers,
  • yuors,
  • ourceso,
  • occurse,
  • ourse,
  • acurs,
  • vourse,
  • fouas,
  • eyour,
  • 49ers,
  • ooccurs,
  • ourn,
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  • oyur,
  • odurs,
  • yourss,
  • nurs,
  • ouwl,
  • purs,
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  • 4800euros,
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  • 8hours,
  • ouve,
  • outs,
  • oersib,
  • oruse,
  • youso.

What does the abbreviation Ours mean?

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Age Isn't Ours


Album by Young Statues

Age Isn't Ours is an EP by the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie rock band Young Statues. It was released in 2013. The EP consists of six songs and three bonus songs which includes a cover of "About A Girl" by Nirvana.

Half Ours


Half Ours is a thoroughbred race horse. Bred by Brilliant Stables and born Kentucky on March 27, 2003, he was a contender for the Triple Crown in 2006.

Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours



Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours was a Genevan painter. Jean-Pierre was born in Geneva, then an independent Republic. He began studying with his father Jacques who was himself a renowned painter. He continued his studies in Paris, in 1769, with Joseph-Marie Vien.

The Red in the Sky Is Ours


Album by At the Gates

The Red in the Sky Is Ours is the debut album by the Swedish death metal band At the Gates released on 27 July 1992. It was re-released in 1993 with With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness and then in 2003 with bonus tracks.

This Night Is Still Ours


2008 film

This Night Is Still Ours is a 2008 Italian comedy film directed by Paolo Genovese and Luca Miniero.

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Quotes for Ours:

  1. U2 is an original species... there are colours and feelings and emotional terrain that we occupy that is ours and ours alone.
  2. By this time it was past six, and the enemy's van and ours were at too great a distance to engage, I perceived some of their ships stretching to the northward; and I imagined they were going to form a new line.
  3. Let's drink to the spirit of gallantry and courage that made a strange Heaven out of unbelievable Hell, and let's drink to the hope that one day this country of ours, which we love so much, will find dignity and greatness and peace again.
  4. I believe that what we are fighting here is not just a small group of people who have hijacked a religion, but it is a civilization bent on destroying ours.
  5. We cherish our friends not for their ability to amuse us, but for ours to amuse them.

Rhymes for Ours:

  1. mars, scars, vars, nars, sars, marrs, bars, barz, gars, marz, pars, stars, cars, ares, lars, jars, chars;
  2. scours, bowers, towers, showers, bazaars, cowers, hours, flowers, guitars, cigars, powers, flours, sours;
  3. empowers, npr's, superstars, devours;
  4. superpowers;

Translations for Ours:

Afrikaans word for Ours


Arabic word for Ours


Bengali word for Ours


Dutch word for Ours

de onze.

French words for Ours

le nôtre, la nôtre, les nôtres.

German words for Ours

unsere, Kita, unserer, unseres, unsrige, unserige.

Italian word for Ours

il nostro.

Japanese word for Ours


Korean word for Ours

우리 것.

Malay word for Ours

kepunyaan kami.

Polish word for Ours


Portuguese word for Ours


Romanian word for Ours

al nostru.

Russian word for Ours

принадлежащий нам.

Spanish word for Ours


Tamil word for Ours


Turkish word for Ours