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How To Spell passions?

Correct spelling: passions

List of misspellings for passions:

  • pashonait,
  • pesions,
  • passsionate,
  • psitions,
  • pession,
  • pettions,
  • pasiance,
  • passionly,
  • pationse,
  • possionate,
  • pashient,
  • laisions,
  • pasionts,
  • pousionous,
  • posionius,
  • passiont,
  • dissions,
  • fassions,
  • possesions,
  • pashion,
  • partisions,
  • posesions,
  • passionatte,
  • paitions,
  • persions,
  • pssionate,
  • opsions,
  • passionit,
  • poisioness,
  • passinons,
  • possions,
  • poisionous,
  • pousinous,
  • postions,
  • possioions,
  • poession,
  • fasions,
  • prisions,
  • pasions,
  • perstions,
  • pations,
  • persusions,
  • russions,
  • posionous,
  • pasiants,
  • pasion,
  • passioned,
  • permsions,
  • permssions,
  • pyshicians,
  • passsions,
  • supisions,
  • passiante,
  • passons,
  • possion,
  • passional,
  • poisionings,
  • prsions's,
  • poisionus,
  • passionite,
  • posstions,
  • paysiont,
  • peitions,
  • paitiont,
  • seassions,
  • passioin,
  • ptions,
  • pashon,
  • paitiants,
  • posetions,
  • poisionis,
  • postioins,
  • passhoders,
  • passionaite,
  • passhionate,
  • posseions,
  • passioniate,
  • posations,
  • posisions,
  • passionet,
  • petions,
  • assians,
  • passionat,
  • lessions,
  • pessesions,
  • ressions,
  • partions,
  • pistions,
  • poessesions,
  • paasionate,
  • chusions,
  • pansions,
  • posionious,
  • dessions,
  • posionus,
  • piostions,
  • poisiones,
  • posessions,
  • pactions,
  • persious.

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Dance of Passions


1922 film

Dance of Passions is a 1922 German silent film directed by Charles Willy Kayser.

Passion's Playground


1920 film

Passion's Playground is a 1920 American silent drama film produced by and starring Katherine MacDonald. Rudolph Valentino has a featured part in the film billed as Rudolph Valentine.

Premier Passions


TV series

Premier Passions is a five-part British documentary TV series, broadcast on BBC One between 24 February and 31 March 1998. It was narrated by actress and Sunderland fan Gina McKee, directed by Newcastle United fan John Alexander and produced by Stephen Lambert.

The Three Passions


1929 film

The Three Passions is a 1928 British silent drama film directed by Rex Ingram and starring Alice Terry, Iván Petrovich and Shayle Gardner. It was made as a quota film for Allied Artists and was based on a novel by Cosmo Hamilton. It was filmed on the French Riviera.



Venezuelan telenovela

Torrente: ¡Un torbellino de pasiones! is a Venezuelan telenovela written by Neida Padilla and Benilde Ávila which was produced by Venevisión in 2008. On April 4, 2008, Venevisión started broadcasting Torrente weekdays at 9:00pm, replacing Arroz con Leche. The last episode was broadcast on September 9, 2008 with ¿Vieja yo? replacing it.

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Quotes for passions:

  1. We are people with all the hopes, dreams, passions, and faults of everyone else. Eighty percent of us are born into families with no history of dwarfism.
  2. I now bid farewell to the country of my birth- of my passions- of my death; a country whose misfortunes have invoked my sympathies- whose factions I sought to quell- whose intelligence I prompted to a lofty aim- whose freedom has been my fatal dream.
  3. Large parties given to very young children... foster the passions of vanity and envy, and produce a love of dress and display which is very repulsive in the character of a child.
  4. The true God He has extension, and form, and dimensions. He occupies space; has a body, parts, and passions; can go from place to place. He can eat, drink, and talk.
  5. I had too many big passions in life and it gets in the way of work. You can't concentrate properly on the one thing.

Rhymes for passions:

  1. fashions, rations;

Translations for passions:

Bengali word for Passions


Chinese word for Passions


Dutch words for Passions

passies, hartstochten, voorliefdes.

German word for Passions


Greek word for Passions


Italian word for Passions


Javanese word for Passions


Malay word for Passions


Norwegian word for Passions


Polish word for Passions


Portuguese word for Passions


Romanian word for Passions


Russian word for Passions


Spanish word for Passions


Swedish words for Passions

passions, passioner.

Turkish word for Passions