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Correct spelling: passions

Common misspellings for passions:

posesions, pasion, pashions, pashion.


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Quotes for passions:

  1. We are people with all the hopes, dreams, passions, and faults of everyone else. Eighty percent of us are born into families with no history of dwarfism.
  2. I now bid farewell to the country of my birth- of my passions- of my death; a country whose misfortunes have invoked my sympathies- whose factions I sought to quell- whose intelligence I prompted to a lofty aim- whose freedom has been my fatal dream.
  3. Large parties given to very young children... foster the passions of vanity and envy, and produce a love of dress and display which is very repulsive in the character of a child.
  4. The true God He has extension, and form, and dimensions. He occupies space; has a body, parts, and passions; can go from place to place. He can eat, drink, and talk.
  5. I had too many big passions in life and it gets in the way of work. You can't concentrate properly on the one thing.

Rhymes for passions:

  1. fashions, rations;