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Correct spelling: PATI


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Examples of usage for PATI:

  1. Nominatum fuisse Apologiam scriptum illud, quod Caesari post Confessionem exhibitum sit, neque se pati posse, ut doctrina sua et Verbum Dei congustetur, imminuatur et concionatores astringantur, ut nihil aliud praedicent quam ad litteram Augustanae Confessionis, neque libere et plenissime adversus omnes errores doctrinae, abusus, peccata et crimina dicere possint." "Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church" , Friedrich Bente.

Quotes for PATI:

  1. He was interviewed in the early '60s by a young novelist, Pati Hill. - George Plimpton
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