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Correct spelling: poe


Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar Allen Poe.

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This graph shows how "poe" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for poe:

  1. Throughout all his short and wonderfully brilliant career, poor Poe never had a dollar he could call his own. – How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin
  2. The Poe illustrations are grotesque and shuddering, but after all make believe. – Promenades of an Impressionist by James Huneker
  3. Wrong: In 1836, in Baltimore, Poe married Virginia Clemm, his cousin, who was hardly more than a child, being then fourteen years old, while Poe himself was twenty- eight, and to her he wrote much of his best verse. – The Century Handbook of Writing by Garland Greever Easley S. Jones

Quotes for poe:

  1. When I was a teenager, I read a lot of Poe.
  2. I guess one of the reasons I'm doing the Poe piece is that I think Poe demonstrates that no matter how difficult things are, if you continue to move forward in life, you can eventually become victorious, even if it's later in life.
  3. I think Poe had a mission to tell us what it's all about. To answer some of the great questions of life.
  4. One life is worth the universe. Poe was able to go right into the very depth of life and to demonstrate this.
  5. I've been influenced by poets as diverse as Dylan Thomas, Lewis Carroll, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Rhymes for poe:

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  2. although, ago, renault, pernod, aglow, arnaud, miro, arnault;
  3. taekwondo, overflow, apropos, eeo, imo, ivo;
  4. celo;