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How To Spell rupees?

Correct spelling: rupees

List of misspellings for rupees:

  • rpeers,
  • rdupees,
  • rupe3s,
  • rpess,
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Examples of usage for rupees:

  1. You can get a thousand rupees an ounce there. – Command by William McFee
  2. He'd just have to pack his sticks, take a second or third- class ticket on say the Massagerie- for an artist to be honest must be frugal- pick up a Boy in Bombay at twenty to thirty rupees a month, and once out here there's little to spend money on but the bare cost of living. – From Edinburgh to India & Burmah by William G. Burn Murdoch

Rhymes for rupees:

  1. wheeze, rees, gies, deas, sies, skis, saez, ease, squeeze, flees, tease, z's, pleas, beas, crees, meis, deis, preis, cheese, fees, bees, neese, peas, pease, glees, keys, please, liese, fleas, she's, friese, mees, trees, keas, seize, feese, sees, jeez, bes, sneeze, knees, reas, breese, hees, reis, frees, neis, groupies, vees, teas, keyes, mease, dees, freeze, tees, threes, kees, leas, frieze, lees, these, neas, sleaze, sprees, breeze, seas, geez, cees, nees;
  2. chinese, trapeze, degrees, chemise, belize, louise, ortiz, trustees, lessees, trainees, cds, burmese, displease, pawnees, maltese, disease, aziz, foresees, scorsese, draftees, unease, decrees, andries, jaycees, cadiz, appease, agrees, reprise;
  3. nepalese, cantonese, appointees, guarantees, javanese, absentees, licensees, disagrees, ccs, honorees, returnees, internees, escapees, japanese, sudanese, devotees, designees, annamese, enrollees, taiwanese, inductees, conferees, overseas, retirees, amputees, sinhalese, nominees, expertise, journalese, referees, franchisees, enlistees, siamese, balinese, detainees, timorese, guaranties;
  4. stds, indochinese, interviewees, abts;

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