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What are the usage examples for Sain?

  1. All the armed Mongols were summoned from Jassaktu Khan, Sain Noion Khan and the dominion of Jahantsi Lama. – Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski
  2. The Dalai Lama began negotiations with several Khans and Princes with the Sain Noion Khan and Jassaktu Khan leading the movement and persuaded them to accelerate the immigration of the Spirit of Buddha into another human form. – Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski

What are the rhymes for Sain?

  1. main, biscayne, deign, hussein, brain, elaine, rain, duwayne, charmain, crain, mundane, jayne, humane, rayne, heyne, domain, mane, bahrain, lane, wain, iain, fane, kaine, shaine, train, terrain, vein, layne, champagne, devane, bane, refrain, retain, insane, detain, duane, hain, cane, profane, payne, romain, duan, sane, kain, retrain, swain, frayne, moraine, ingrain, preordain, spokane, jain, crane, reign, fontaine, disdain, vain, champaign, blayne, urbain, plain, germane, arraign, chain, ordain, romaine, elane, remain, charlayne, sprain, maine, laine, sustain, wane, blane, craine, loraine, raine, caine, rogaine, fein, aine, contain, reine, germain, inane, champlain, explain, jermaine, elayne, bayne, thaine, dwayne, maintain, obtain, ln, slane, swaine, lorraine, cheyne, thayne, zane, cocaine, wayne, campaign, complain, crayne, blain, delaine, thane, twain, charmaine, swayne, arcane, bain, pane, fraine, drain, stain, regain, maclean, gain, sylvain, ayn, rein, strain, tremaine, kane, pain, shane, fain, dane, freyne, trane, germaine, dewayne, constrain, mcclain, laraine, cain, shayne, vane, hussain, lain, paine, spain, demain, attain, kayne, restrain, dayne, mayne, grain, pertain, hane, urbane, kahane, slain, duquesne, feign, frane, plane, blaine, mclean, frayn, jane, lorain, dain, ukraine, mccain, butane, draine;
  2. again, alain, alayne, alane, amain, allain, alaine, abstain;
  3. ascertain, entertain, aquitaine, inhumane;
  4. legerdemain;

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