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Correct spelling: seminole


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siminole, seminoles, semniole, semiole.

Seminole \s(e)-mino-le, sem(i)-nole\

Native American Indian
Seminole as a boy's name is of Native American Indian origin. Name of the tribe, related to the Creeks, who settled in Florida and resisted European-American attempts to take over their land in the ten-year Seminole War. The football team of Florida State University is known as "the Seminoles".

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Examples of usage for seminole:

  1. The one upon the ground was Nelatu, the son of Oluski, a distinguished Seminole chief. "The White Squaw" , Mayne Reid.
  2. It was Oluski, the Seminole chief. "The White Squaw" , Mayne Reid.
  3. It astonished the old Seminole chief. "The White Squaw" , Mayne Reid.

Quotes for seminole:

  1. I was bred as an outcast, part Negro and part Seminole, in my early years raised as an Indian. - Willie Stargell
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