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Spell Check of serenity

Correct spelling: serenity

Definition of serenity:

  1. the absence of mental stress or anxiety

Common misspellings for serenity:

  • serinity (26%)
  • serentiy (22%)
  • serentity (12%)
  • sirenity (7%)
  • serenty (7%)
  • sernity (7%)
  • serenety (4%)
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Serenity \s(e)-reni-ty, ser(e)-nity\

serene, calm
Serenity as a girl's name is pronounced ser-REN-a-tee. It is of English and French origin, and the meaning of Serenity is "serene, calm". A virtue name.
Related names:

Examples of usage for serenity:

  1. Perhaps he had gained fifty guineas for a moment of necessity, and had sacrificed for that trifle only the serenity and the comfort of a life.
  2. It was this serenity which had so great an effect on his troops.
  3. Their beauty and serenity pervaded Lenore's soul. "The Desert of Wheat" , Zane Grey.