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How To Spell sheds?

Correct spelling: sheds

List of misspellings for sheds:

  • shesaid,
  • aoshets,
  • sheby's,
  • shemes,
  • shudl,
  • chids,
  • shotes,
  • shedule,
  • showdogs,
  • shawdows,
  • sheters,
  • wshes,
  • shels,
  • sheeet,
  • shead,
  • sheisty,
  • shutes,
  • shedeule,
  • seads,
  • shews,
  • shefs,
  • shreads,
  • shedl,
  • shedlue,
  • shredds,
  • shhets,
  • sherades,
  • shses,
  • shedds,
  • sheese,
  • sheduele,
  • chets,
  • chld's,
  • heds,
  • sheduale,
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  • shes,
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  • shelds.

What does the abbreviation sheds mean?

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East Perth Locomotive Depot


East Perth Locomotive Depot was a major steam locomotive depot for the Western Australian Government Railways from the end of the First World War until the end of the steam railway era on its railway system in 1970/1971.

Laxey Car Sheds


Railway station

Laxey Car Shed is a storage facility for the Manx Electric Railway in the village of Laxey on the Isle of Man. It also serves as an intermediate stopping place on the line, being the last before reaching the mid-way point of the village station.

Mary Valley Railway Cream Sheds


Mary Valley Railway Cream Sheds are heritage-listed sheds at Kandanga railway station, Amamoor railway station and Melawondi railway station, all of them on the Mary Valley Branch Railway, Mary Valley, Gympie Region, Queensland, Australia.

New Woodstock, New York


Hamlet in New York

New Woodstock is a hamlet in the town of Cazenovia, Madison County, New York, United States. The zipcode is: 13122.

Sheds, New York


Sheds is a hamlet in Madison County, New York, United States. The community is located at the intersection of New York State Route 13 and New York State Route 80 8.3 miles south of Cazenovia. Sheds had a post office until January 23, 1993.

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Quotes for sheds:

  1. Getting to places like Bangkok or Singapore was a hell of a sweat. But when you got there it was the back of beyond. It was just a series of small tin sheds.
  2. Nothing of the kind; they do all these things in their houses and sheds, with common charcoal fires, and a quantity of straw to stop up the crevices in the doors and windows.
  3. Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world.
  4. Ah, tell me not that memory sheds gladness o'er the past, what is recalled by faded flowers, save that they did not last?
  5. Arguably, no artist grows up: If he sheds the perceptions of childhood, he ceases being an artist.

Rhymes for sheds:

  1. weds, spreads, beds, shreds, breads, heads, keds, reds, edds, sleds, treads, feds, threads, dreads;
  2. purebreds, embeds, redheads;
  3. thoroughbreds;