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How To Spell skis?

Correct spelling: skis

List of misspellings for skis:

  • seekes,
  • scisor,
  • uscks,
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What does the abbreviation skis mean?

Related words for skis

4FRNT Skis


Skiing company

4FRNT Skis is an independent brand of alpine skis, bindings, poles, touring skins and apparel that helped to pioneer the development of the freeskiing movement. 4FRNT introduced the model of a rider-owned and operated ski company to the sport.




DeMarini Sports, Inc. is an American manufacturer of baseball bats and other sports equipment headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, United States.

Line Skis


Skiing company

Line Skis is a company building skis and skiing equipment.

Love on Skis


1928 film

Love on Skis is a 1928 German silent comedy film directed by Rolf Randolf and starring Harry Liedtke, Rita Roberts and Georg Henrich. The film's sets were designed by the art director Ludwig Reiber.

Volant skis



Volant is a brand of ski equipment, currently owned by Amer Sports. It was founded as an independent company in the USA, by brothers Hank and Bucky Kashiwa in 1989.

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