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Correct spelling: solar


Common misspellings for solar:

soler, solor, sloar, solr, soloar, soiar, soarl, soaler, loar, soalr, sollar, slar, solare.

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This graph shows how "solar" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for solar:

  1. 34 Wednesday- Time by the Sun- Mean Time, Solar Time, Conversion, etc. "Lectures in Navigation" , Ernest Gallaudet Draper.
  2. Put in your Note- Book: There are three kinds of time: 1. Apparent or solar time, i. "Lectures in Navigation" , Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

Quotes for solar:

  1. We need to focus on green jobs: solar, wind, geothermal, biomass. There's so many opportunities. But other countries like China are getting ahead of the curve. - Alexi Giannoulias
  2. It's time for the human race to enter the solar system. - Dan Quayle
  3. It might be arrogant to think that we're the only living creations in all of the solar systems that there are. Space is so vast. - Jeri Ryan
  4. It would be great some day to have astronauts in a rover on Mars. But just about anyone except an oil company executive would say its more important to have 50 million solar powered vehicles in the United States. - Brad Sherman
  5. All of this got me thinking about the history of the westward expansion, and got me to wondering how the exploration of the Solar System would be changed if there were an indigenous presence out there. - Sarah Zettel

Rhymes for solar:

  1. bipolar, comptroller, controller.
  2. bolar, bowler, coler.
  3. koehler, kohler, moeller, molar, oler, polar, roller, soler, stroller, tolar, toller.
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