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How To Spell sudanese?

Correct spelling: sudanese

List of misspellings for sudanese:

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Related words for sudanese

Joseph Garang


Sudanese Politician

Joseph Garang was a southern Sudanese politician in the 1960s. He was a member of the Sudanese Communist Party, and served as Minister of Southern Affairs in the Sudanese Government.

Sudanese gubernatorial elections, 2010


General election

The Sudanese gubernatorial elections took place on 11-15 April, 2010, alongside the wider Sudanese general election, to elect the Governors of the states of Sudan.

Sudanese parliamentary election, 1948


Parliamentary elections were held in Sudan on 15 November 1948.

Sudanese parliamentary election, 1965


General election

Parliamentary elections were held in Sudan on 21 April and 8 May 1965. Due to the civil war the seats in the south of the country were left vacant until by-elections on 8 March and 18 April 1967.

Sudanese presidential election, 1977


Presidential elections were held in Sudan between 10 and 20 April 1977. Gaafar Nimeiry was the only candidate, and received 99.1% of the vote, with a 98.3% turnout.

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Translations for sudanese:

Arabic word for Sudanese


Bengali word for Sudanese


Chinese word for Sudanese


Dutch word for Sudanese


French word for Sudanese


German word for Sudanese


Greek word for Sudanese


Hindi word for Sudanese


Italian word for Sudanese


Japanese word for Sudanese


Korean word for Sudanese


Marathi word for Sudanese


Polish words for Sudanese

Sudan, sudański.

Portuguese word for Sudanese


Romanian word for Sudanese


Russian word for Sudanese


Spanish word for Sudanese


Swedish word for Sudanese


Ukrainian word for Sudanese


Vietnamese word for Sudanese

thuộc nước/người/tiếng Sudan.