How To Spell superimpose?

Correct spelling: superimpose

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What are the usage examples for superimpose?

  1. As they are all in the same black and white kit in the evening it is easier then to compare the various faces; in the daytime the variety of costume, flannels, and coloured ties and tweeds prevent one doing it so easily; I'd like to make a sketch of each, and superimpose these, and get the average, the type of the thousands who follow this road year after year. – From Edinburgh to India & Burmah by William G. Burn Murdoch
  2. These sad results are the condemnations of those methods of education that suppress the human faculties, or force them into wrong channels, or arbitrarily superimpose something instead of aiding free development. – Education in The Home, The Kindergarten, and The Primary School by Elizabeth P. Peabody

What are the quotes for superimpose?

  1. To attempt to superimpose its views through the exercise of force, is seldom the part of intelligence; it is frequently the part of ignorance.

What are the rhymes for superimpose?

  1. jos, bose, ngos, rose, hoes, clothes, cose, owes, mose, slows, doze, lowes, beaus, throws, bowes, those, sews, goes, rohs, blows, noes, nose, boase, brose, pose, pows, chose, glows, foes, shows, grows, gose, woes, toes, hose, ohs, knows, roes, moes, tows, close, bows, crows, flows, crose, vose, froze, joes, boes, o's, prose, lo's, lows, snows, rows, sows, ose, pros, throes;
  2. oppose, impose, disclose, dubose, transpose, depose, arose, propose, dispose, expose, forgoes, stavros, bestows, repose, suppose, tarots, plainclothes, compose, enclose, foreclose;
  3. juxtapose, interpose, presuppose, reimpose, predispose, decompose;
  4. overexpose;

What are the translations for superimpose?

French words for Superimpose

superposer, incruster.

German words for Superimpose

lagern, legen, aufbringen, setzen, aufsetzen, einblenden, darüberlegen, einkopieren, daraufsetzen, darübersetzen.

Greek word for Superimpose


Italian word for Superimpose


Japanese word for Superimpose


Javanese word for Superimpose


Malay word for Superimpose


Marathi word for Superimpose

अध्यारोपण करणे.

Portuguese word for Superimpose


Romanian word for Superimpose


Spanish words for Superimpose

superponer, sobreponer.

Swedish word for Superimpose


Tamil word for Superimpose

ஒன்றின் மேல் ஒன்றாக அடுக்கி.

Turkish word for Superimpose

üst üste getirmek.

Vietnamese word for Superimpose

để chồng lên vật nầy với vật khác.