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How To Spell terry?

Correct spelling: terry

What are the misspellings for terry ?

  • theiry,
  • jerrry,
  • tureky,
  • teitr,
  • teasury,
  • terrai,
  • verry,
  • teror,
  • tetiary,
  • tjere,
  • treee,
  • thetr,
  • tehre,
  • teranny,
  • teryer,
  • tehy,
  • mytery,
  • totry,
  • terrioty,
  • trhey,
  • theray,
  • tery,
  • terriby,
  • notery,
  • tyrrany,
  • towworrow,
  • terrer,
  • therioy,
  • traiy,
  • gerrry,
  • fortry,
  • teori,
  • tehri,
  • terrot,
  • toevery,
  • yeary,
  • terr,
  • tiere,
  • atery,
  • tersiary,
  • zerro,
  • deray,
  • terrac,
  • toterry,
  • dierrea,
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  • terroir,
  • terriory,
  • erry,
  • terciary,
  • terreir,
  • diery,
  • rotery,
  • betrey,
  • trerm,
  • tehory,
  • iery,
  • deterr,
  • tonorrow,
  • turey,
  • terric,
  • treah,
  • terapy,
  • laterr,
  • terkey,
  • qerry,
  • drerey,
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  • theyr're,
  • theirry,
  • tehyr,
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  • cerry,
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  • tocarry,
  • terrce,
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  • tertiory,
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  • terroity,
  • detroy,
  • trymy,
  • cerre,
  • treuly,
  • hrry,
  • therir,
  • netry,
  • mertyr,
  • srry.

What is the definition of terry?

  1. A kind of heavy colored fabric, either all silk, or silk and worsted, or silk and cotton, often called terry velvet, used for upholstery and trimmings.


Terry as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Terry), is pronounced TARE-ee. It is of English origin. Diminutive of Teresa. Such nicknames for Teresa were most popular in the middle of the 20th century. Also used in contemporary blended names. Actresses Teri Hatcher, Theresa Russell, Teri Garr.
  • Taryn,
  • Teryl.
  • Terrey,
  • Terri,
  • Terrie,
  • Terrin,
  • Terrey,
  • Terri,
  • Teryn,
  • Terryn,
  • Terell,
  • Terrie,
  • Terika,
  • Teri,
  • Teriana,
  • Terella,
  • Teree,
  • Terea,
  • Terall,
  • Tereigh,
  • Terelynn,
  • Teriann,
  • Terie,
  • Terilynn,
  • Terree,
  • Terreigh,
  • Terrye.

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What are the quotes for terry?

  1. It doesn't get more iconic than Terry Fox.
  2. Yeah, it's funny, working on a show with as large a cast as we have here, your work gets sort of compartmentalized. There's still about half the cast that I've never had a scene with but I have missed working with Terry.
  3. I remember Terry being exhausted from his latest Super Bowl win and all the things that go with it.
  4. I remember we woke up one morning at Denny's house and John Phillips called. He said, you guys okay? We said, yeah, what's wrong, what's going on? He said, well, everybody's dead over at Sharon's house at Terry Melcher's place.
  5. People don't know where to place me. Terry Gilliam used me as a quirky cop in 'Twelve Monkeys', and then he hired me again to be an effeminate hotel clerk in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. Another time, I was shooting this indie film 'The Souler Opposite' and six days a week, I'm playing this big puppy dog, then I come to the 'NYPD Blue' set and become this scumbag.

What are the rhymes for terry?

  1. marry, sheri, contrary, terrie, prairie, tarry, guarneri, cheri, remarry, terri, ferry, mary, scary, carrie, sperry, gerri, merrie, carrey, teri, jerry, chery, sherry, wherry, derry, larry, vary, hairy, gery, sherri, barre, bury, neri, very, perry, querry, fairy, gary, kerrey, clary, gerrie, jerri, skerry, karry, carey, jeri, parry, cherry, sherrie, jerrie, lary, kerri, harry, valeri, eyrie, wary, cary, jere, gerry, ranieri, glengarry, unwary, stary, dairy, nary, kary, carie, merry, kari, kerry, metairie;
  2. berry, ary, berri, berrie, arie, airy;
  3. canary, azeri;

What are the translations for terry?

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havlu kumaş.

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