How To Spell Thais?

Correct spelling: Thais

What does the abbreviation Thais mean?


Thais as a girl's name is of Greek origin. Thais is an ancient name of unknown meaning. A famous Athenian courtesan named Thais traveled with Alexander the Great. Some stories add that she then went to Egypt and became the mistress of the reigning Ptolemy. Massenet based an 1894 opera on her story.
  • Taisiya.

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What are the rhymes for Thais?

  1. emprise, marseilles, plies, highs, sighs, implies, pint-size, bise, hise, tries, chastise, mies, comprise, shies, despise, dise, bies, rise, cries, dies, goodbyes, y's, complies, julies, replies, unties, disguise, denies, fries, surprise, incise, guise, wise, defies, dries, buys, vies, lies, ties, pies, ayes, spies, supplies, pries, guys, unwise, thighs, ise, upsize, relies, ries, geis, wies, size, eyes, flies, dyes, nies, decries, revise, kise, ais, skies, crise, grise, demise, lise, prize, eis, surmise, wyse;
  2. arise, advise, apprise, devise, allies, applies, reprise, belies, baptize;
  3. oversize, improvise, underlies;
  4. decriminalize, sensationalize;