How To Spell Thayne?

Correct spelling: Thayne


Thayne as a boy's name is a variant of Thane (Old English, Scottish), and the meaning of Thayne is "landholder".
  • Dwayne,
  • Thano,
  • Dayne,
  • Duayne,
  • Twaine,
  • Thaine,
  • Twayn.

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What are the usage examples for Thayne?

  1. It was Dakie Thayne who, after they had all been introduced and were walking on comfortably together, asked Ruth Holabird if it had not been she who had been expected and wanted so badly last night at Mrs. Marchbanks's? – We Girls: A Home Story by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  2. The inflection was almost imperceptible, and quite unintentional; Dakie Thayne was very polite; but his eyebrows went up a little- just a line or two- as he said it, the light beginning to come in upon him. – We Girls: A Home Story by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  3. Dakie Thayne helped Rose and Elinor to get the branches of white honeysuckle that grew higher up. – We Girls: A Home Story by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney

What are the rhymes for Thayne?

  1. rein, strain, dain, rayne, mccain, champagne, fraine, lorain, blaine, kane, cocaine, layne, sustain, complain, drain, hain, lorraine, spokane, jayne, wain, thane, ukraine, frayne, hussein, retrain, maine, profane, pertain, retain, vein, preordain, spain, fontaine, zane, paine, crayne, ordain, pain, fein, plain, bain, refrain, duane, ln, train, jain, domain, kaine, butane, wayne, romain, pane, craine, sane, romaine, mundane, germane, cain, cane, ayn, stain, germaine, heyne, arraign, crain, wane, insane, iain, charmaine, kain, raine, biscayne, dewayne, dayne, duan, germain, vane, humane, grain, chain, moraine, bahrain, lane, maintain, arcane, fane, caine, explain, sprain, twain, brain, regain, mcclain, swaine, ingrain, draine, mclean, mane, trane, kayne, plane, cheyne, remain, jermaine, maclean, duquesne, laraine, shayne, payne, blane, main, contain, charlayne, charmain, duwayne, devane, swayne, laine, thaine, urbane, deign, loraine, restrain, vain, kahane, inane, rogaine, champaign, crane, hussain, feign, sain, bayne, rain, gain, fain, frayn, obtain, dwayne, reine, constrain, blayne, tremaine, hane, frane, mayne, urbain, attain, swain, jane, demain, disdain, shaine, sylvain, blain, elane, slane, elayne, terrain, aine, detain, freyne, bane, reign, champlain, dane, delaine, shane, campaign, slain, elaine, lain;
  2. amain, allain, alaine, alain, again, alane, alayne, abstain;
  3. entertain, inhumane, aquitaine, ascertain;
  4. legerdemain;