How To Spell thief?

Correct spelling: thief

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What are the rhymes for thief?

  1. neef, brief, lief, chief, sheaf, reif, keefe, reef, naef, grief, keeffe, fief, beef, seif, rief, leif, leaf;
  2. massif, relief, o'keefe, belief, matif, motif, debrief, sharif, o'keeffe, saif;
  3. disbelief;

What are the translations for thief?

Arabic word for Thief


Chinese words for Thief

偷, 小偷, 窃贼.

Dutch words for Thief

dief, maling.

French words for Thief

voleur, larron, cambrioleur, brigand, chapardeur, pillard, crocheteur.

German words for Thief

Dieb, Bandit, Diebin, Räuberin, Schächer.

Japanese words for Thief

盗人, 泥棒, 盗賊, ぬすびと, りょうじょうのくんし, 物盗り, とうぞく, 梁上の君子, とうじん, 白波, ぬすと, 素っ破, しらなみ, どろ, 物取り, 白浪, ものとり, すっぱ, 透波, 透っ波, ぬすっと, 盗っ人.

Malay word for Thief


Norwegian word for Thief


Portuguese words for Thief

ladrão, ladro, assaltante, ladra.

Russian words for Thief

вор, воровка, воришка, ворюга.

Spanish words for Thief

ladrón, ratero, bandido.

Swedish word for Thief


Tamil word for Thief


Ukrainian word for Thief