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How To Spell thirteen?

Correct spelling: thirteen

Definition of thirteen:

  1. One more than twelve; ten and three; as, thirteen ounces or pounds.

List of misspellings for thirteen:

  • ghirteen,
  • thireteen,
  • thirdley,
  • threton,
  • thirtenn,
  • writeen,
  • tgirteen,
  • threten,
  • thirteenat,
  • thirtith,
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  • thieter,
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  • thirdteen,
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  • thirteeen,
  • thighten,
  • thirthen.

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This graph shows how "thirteen" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for thirteen:

  1. But, when I was about thirteen, I began to sort of sing in my neighborhood.
  2. Falling little wind, it was five before I could form my line, or distinguish any of the enemy's motions; and could not judge at all of their force, more than by numbers, which were seventeen, and thirteen appeared large.
  3. I didn't have any real art training, but when I was about twelve nad thirteen, another boy and I went to a sign painter's house every Friday night and took lessons.
  4. Unhappiness in a child accumulates because he sees no end to the dark tunnel. The thirteen weeks of a term might just as well be thirteen years.
  5. Thirteen years I took on this last book.

Rhymes for thirteen:

  1. greene, lene, teen, frean, plein, treen, gean, lien, gene, wean, cian, mclean, green, spleen, nene, steen, keane, jean, breen, jeane, keene, leen, deen, skene, jeanne, keen, deane, seen, freen, mean, glean, scene, lean, mien, kean, wein, haen, clean, sheen, dean, screen, queen, bean, wien, meine, preen;
  2. clymene, seguin, sixteen, ravine, killeen, medin, laureen, ardeen, racine, demean, preteen, fifteen, marleen, fourteen, claudine, corinne, francine, convene, charline, deneen, kathleen, cathleen, sabine, serene, jeanine, umpteen, moreen, latrine, sistine, philene, justine, ameen, doreen, aileen, christine, feldene, vaccine, unseen, colleen, joaquin, obscene, georgine, marcin, moline, nadine, charleen, alene, between, casein, agin, caffeine, arleen, eileen, irene, aldin, pauline, benzene, aleen, kristine, sardine, helene, chretien, baleen, careen, foreseen, laurene, celine, ireene, saline, jolene, carleen, slovene, onscreen, unclean, lamine, coleen, shirleen, levine, lurleen, noreen, nineteen, machine, sharleen, marine, canteen, sarene, selene, maureen, sunscreen, citrine, martine, janine, amin, crimean, maxine, salin, eighteen, cuisine, wileen, marleene, charlene, myrlene, eugene, lorene;
  3. wolverine, intervene, trampoline, hallowe'en, propylene, reconvene, tangerine, unforeseen, figurine, smithereen, valentin, gelatine, madelene, seventeen, augustin, halloween, submarine, tambourine, geraldine, benyamin, bernadine;
  4. mujahedeen, mujahideen, aquamarine;

Translations for thirteen:

Afrikaans word for Thirteen


Arabic word for Thirteen

ثَلَاثَةَ عَشَرَ.

Bengali word for Thirteen


Chinese word for Thirteen


French word for Thirteen


German word for Thirteen


Greek word for Thirteen


Hindi word for Thirteen


Italian word for Thirteen


Japanese word for Thirteen


Javanese word for Thirteen


Korean word for Thirteen


Malay word for Thirteen

tiga belas.

Norwegian word for Thirteen


Polish word for Thirteen


Portuguese word for Thirteen


Romanian word for Thirteen


Russian word for Thirteen


Spanish word for Thirteen


Swedish word for Thirteen


Tamil word for Thirteen


Turkish word for Thirteen

on üç.

Ukrainian word for Thirteen


Vietnamese word for Thirteen

mười ba.